Maggie Raible

Maggie Raible

Career Coach & Non-Profit Consultant, Maggie Raible Advising
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About Me

One thing I’ve learned as a recruiter is that job searches are stressful for pretty much everyone - but not always for the same reasons. There really is no one-size-fits-all career advice. Maybe you know it's time for a new gig but you feel paralyzed by the thousands of tiny decisions that go into a job search. Maybe you want to make a change and you’re not sure how to message your unique skill set and experiences. Maybe you nail everything until the interview, and then you're so nervous about saying the wrong thing that you hardly say anything at all. Or maybe you’re tired of getting conflicting advice from friends, parents, former bosses and the interwebs, and you just need some help figuring out what applies to you. When providing job search support, my first priority is to understand the unique strengths and challenges of my client. With that in mind, when you schedule a session with me, I’ll ask you to do a bit of pre-work to ensure we make the most of our time together. I’ll come to our session with an individualized agenda and customized resources (project plans, sample email templates, etc.) for your job search based on your needs and objectives. My goal is not just to problem-solve with you around your immediate challenges, but to help you develop the tools to be a more confident job-seeker moving forward. I have several years of experience recruiting and hiring in the education/non-profit space. I’ve provided job search and interview prep support to everyone from undergraduate interns to leaders with 15+ years of experience. I don’t hesitate to give honest and direct feedback, but I also think that a warm and light-hearted atmosphere is the most productive environment for learning. Job searches are stressful, for sure, but they are also incredible opportunities for personal growth and development and I love helping people access that learning through the process.

The most important thing to understand in a job search is yourself.

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Current Position
Career Coach & Non-Profit Consultant, Maggie Raible Advising
Previous Positions
Recruitment Manager, KIPP Foundation June 2014 - July 2016
Senior Associate, Growth Strategy and Development, Teach For All August 2012 - May 2014
Program Assistant, Recruitment and Selection, DC Public Schools January 2011 - July 2012
Associate, Principal Human Capital, DC Public Schools June 2010 - December 2010
BA, Psychological and Brain Sciences - Johns Hopkins University


"Maggie was excellent. This was my first mentor/mentoree session, and she was very helpful on providing tips and tricks to guide me as I look to revamp my resume and begin an active job search. Her insights from previously being a recruiter definitely assisted, and provided value to me. Anyone who is looking for a mentor if you have reached a point of uncertainty in your job search, or have lost confidence in your resume, book time with Maggie! "
- Morgan K. , 24 Jan. 16, 2017
"Maggie and I worked on the same team for several years and I always respected her work, get-it-done attitude, and wisdom beyond her years. When I heard she was offering career advising sessions, I quickly jumped at the chance to reconnect. I was about to start grad school and was eager to get Maggie's feedback on how to get the most out of my short program. I was feeling overwhelmed in how to focus my engagement and career exploration, and Maggie asked specific questions to help me think about my next steps in more tangible ways. She also gave helpful bullet-by-bullet feedback on my resume, suggesting better ways to tell my professional story. THANKS, Maggie, you're the best!"
- Somoh S. , 32 Jan. 07, 2017
"Maggie was incredibly helpful in so many different ways. I went into our session with a ton of wide-reaching, broad questions that stretched in a lot of different directions, and she helped me find the focus of those questions so I could start coming up with the answers that were right for me. Unsure about whether I want my next job to be in the field I currently am in now, Maggie asked about my likes and dislikes of my current job. She then both encouraged me to use those as a starting point of where to look next, and also provided suggestions that I had never heard of or never thought of. We also went through my resume, and she guided me to pull out transferrable skills from my work experience and use language that will appeal to potential employees. I ended our session with highly specific questions to think about and plenty of actionable steps. I definitely felt like she took the time to listen to my concerns and questions, and gave me solid, personalized feedback. I look forward to working with her again!"
- Michelle L. , 23 Oct. 25, 2016
"Rather than give superficial insights, Maggie pressed me to do deep thinking about the story I want to tell through my resume -- and how to make it shine. Her sharp questions inspired me to be more strategic in my approach. She lifted up specific things that really worked, and offered very concrete suggestions on how to reframe aspects of my experience to come across even more powerfully. THANK YOU!"
- Vince L. , 35 Oct. 02, 2016
"Maggie was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She gave me concrete, practical next steps and made the process seem manageable. "
- Shelley M. , 35 Aug. 22, 2016
"I scheduled 2 sessions with Maggie and she was great. After being a stay at home mom for close to 10 years I had a lot of doubts and questions about getting back to work. She helped me narrow down the job search using my skill set as a guide. We discussed how to tailor my resume according to the job I'll be applying and how to to include my past experience using descriptions that make it relevant to the industry. She even gave me tips for those dreaded interview questions. I look forward to working again with her, and I highly recommend her."
- Ruth G. , 36 Aug. 12, 2016
"Maggie was so helpful in guiding me through a gameplan for my career search. I was so lost in my search and she gave great advice and guidance on how to begin!"
- Anonymous, 22 Jul. 07, 2016
"Maggie provided detail feedback on how to structure my experience and communicate to the hiring manager my qualifications that I can bring to the company. The key is to present it in a way that the hiring manager wants to hear it and I struggle with this point. Maggie gave me an outline and structure so that when I have the interview I will be most prepared and stand out as the top candidate. "
- DeaRonda H. , 34 Jul. 06, 2016
"Maggie was very helpful during my session. She is a great listener and had thoughtful questions to ask me about where I saw my job search going. She uses examples from her own experience and provided me with tangible "take aways" that I can use going forward in my job search. Overall I highly recommend her. "
- Caitlyn Y. , 27 Jun. 12, 2016