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Career Contessa Interview, Susan Peters, GE

This Rad V.P. at GE Has Helped Women Advance for 37+ Years

Thanks to Susan we now know how important a "hallway reputation" is.
Career Contessa Interview, Catt Sadler, E! Entertainment

Hey World, Meet the Real Catt Sadler

Catt's sharing how she went from Indiana local news to E! News host.
Career Contessa Interview, Natalie Gibralter, Squarespace

This Is What Working at Squarespace Looks Like

Director of Product, Natalie Gibralter, talks tech, travel, and more.
Career Contessa Interview, Daniella Pierson, The Newsette

Meet the 21-Year Old Media Entrepreneur Owning Your Inbox

The Newsette isn't your typical newsletter and neither is its founder, Daniella Pierson,
Career Contessa Interview, Erin Hiemstra, Apartment 34

The Story Behind Lifestyle Blog, Apartment 34's, Success

After working for a senator in D.C., Erin Heimstra moved west to pursue her love for writing—and it totally paid off.
Career Contessa Interview, Caitlin Hardy, Foss Maritime Company

This Woman Took the Male-Dominated Shipyards (and Navy) By Storm

For Caitlin, a rigid militaristic system means the opportunity to demand respect for what she can do.
Career Contessa Interview, Sukari Keetin, RRADISH Design

An Art Director Talks Great Design and Starting Your Career Over in a New City

Meet Sukari Keetin, designer, art director, and woman you should keep on your radar.
Career Contessa Interview, Morgan Romans, Spokane Physical Therapy, Therapeutic Associates Inc.

How a Career in Physical Therapy Can Change Your Life Perspective

This physical therapist talks shop—if "shop" can be considered the human body.
Career Contessa Interview, Maria Yuan, Issue Voter

This Millennial Entrepreneur Talks Politics, Activism, and...How to Vote?

Election season's almost over, but Maria Yuan's company, IssueVoter, is just getting started.
Career Contessa Interview, Alice Vijjeswarapu, Harvard Medical School

Pretty Much the Coolest Doctor on What It Actually Takes (Hint: a Lot)

This isn't your typical doctor's visit, and Alice definitely isn't your typical anesthesiologist.