Frequently Asked Questions

Glad you asked. You can read all about how we started and what we do right here.

We know launching a job search is confusing at best and that you don't need the extra headache of wading through career advice that's irrelevant. That's why we've set up a Job Search Page (think of it as homebase) where we've gathered all our best advice and resources in one place. If you're feeling sneaky, you can also take a shortcut by enrolling in our online course, The New Job Search Strategy.

That whole corporate ladder thing? Try corporate jungle gym. Figuring out how to navigate boardrooms, potential promotions, leading teams, and last but definitely not least, negotiating salaries and raises is, well, difficult. Check out our curated list of solutions on our Career Growth Page. If you’re short on time, you might want to head straight for one of our webinars on a topic that interests you.

This is one of the hardest career challenges. Most likely it's not ambition you're lacking but direction.

While we wish one of our services included a magic crystal ball that tells you what career you should pursue, we're not quite there—yet. But here's the thing: clarity doesn't come from someone telling you what you should do, it comes from taking an active role in exploring options and engaging in your own professional life.

It's time to start exploring possible career paths, companies you might like, and roles that play to your strengths. Start by browsing our Career Fit Page or downloading our Figure Out My Next Career Move worksheet.

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Because we're like you, driven women who understand that career ambition doesn't always mean knowing exactly what direction you should take. Because we only provide expert-led advice that's truly actionable. Because you won't find any life coach vibes, corporate jargon, or fluffy content here. Because we're committed to creating a career resource for women that actually works. Because we were tired of pretending we didn't care about our careers simply because career advice wasn't "cool." We know what matters, and so do you.

Oh, this is a tough one…psych. Just click "apply" on the job posting and apply directly via the company's website.

Weekly. Check in often and you'll be the first to know about new job postings as they're added.

Fill out this Post a Job Opportunity form and someone from the Career Contessa team will be in touch to confirm details. Job postings are free for our company partners and $25 for a 30-day posting for everyone else.

A company profile is a great way to showcase your brand and engage potential employees. Email and a member of our team will be in touch to set up an informational call.

Webinars are live video sessions usually co-hosted by a career expert or a panel of experts. For one hour, we dive deep into one specific topic that ranges from the job search to salary negotiation to obtaining a work-life balance, then we conclude by answering reader-submitted questions. If you attend the live webinar, you'll get free access to experts and also to a community of like-minded attendees. You can also watch the replay any time. Want to know when the next webinar lands? Join our newsletter to get updates on upcoming dates.

If you register for the webinar the first time it's offered, then you'll get access to watch the webinar live and to a free replay forever. If you missed registering for a live webinar that interests you, you'll still have access to it. Our webinar library offers replays for only $3.99 a pop. Your contribution helps us keep the archive going—and I mean, really, $3.99? That's probably less than you paid for your last iPhone app.

How does forever sound? Webinar replays are available indefinitely via our webinar library.

Have a topic you'd like to cover that we haven't explored before? Have value to offer the Career Contessa community? Please email with your webinar idea.

Jumpstart your career advancement with online courses made by the team at Career Contessa. All of our courses provide expert-led instructions, video tutorials, and resources in two hours or less. Buy a course today, own it forever.

How does forever sound? We mean it, really. You have lifetime access to the course once you buy it.

Hire a Mentor is a career counseling service that offers affordable one-on-one career advice sessions with experienced and fully vetted career experts.

Are you feeling stuck in your career? Not sure what your next step should be? Looking to get advice from someone who's been there and successfully done that? Well, it's time to hire a mentor.

Working one-on-one, you'll gain clarity about your career, get help with your job search, score unique industry insight, or learn new skills to help you build your career and/or business. It's an innovative but straightforward way to hold yourself accountable for reaching your goals. Plus, you'll have an objective voice telling you that you're on the right track.

We know your career is very personal, and that's exactly why Hire a Mentor sessions are completely personalized. Your mentor will use your resume (if you have it), LinkedIn profile (if you have it), and any notes you provide in your session request form to create a tailored agenda for your session. Rather than offering standardized services like "resume review," we offer 50-minute sessions that are customized to your needs. All of our mentors are qualified to talk about a range of topics related to: the job search, finding your career fit, and growing your career within your current role. This flexibility provides our customers with much more value for their session rates. You'll get the help you need without any "Yeah, yeah, I knew that" moments or dreaded career advice jargon.

Start by determining which mentor most closely matches your career goals and your priorities right now by filtering the mentors within each expertise. After you've determined the mentor you want to work with, click "Book Now" on their profile page. You'll fill out some background information, select the number of sessions you want, and fill out your payment information.

After you book, your mentor will be in touch via email shortly to schedule the date, time, and communication method of your session.

We've been there. Maybe you're unhappy in your current job, but you're not sure whether it's time to start applying elsewhere or change up what you're doing day-to-day to proactively push for a promotion. Or maybe you're ready for the next step, but you're not sure if that's launching your own business or accepting a job offer to join the leadership team of another company. Gray zones, right?

Use the filter option at the top of the Browse Mentors page and select all your preferences. And remember, each mentor is personally vetted by Career Contessa and can customize their advice according to your unique situation, no matter how uncertain it is.

If it's your first time trying the service or you're working with a new mentor, we recommend starting with one session. After your first session, your mentor might suggest that you could benefit from additional sessions based on your goals, but again, that's completely up to you.

Results will vary between individuals. With that said, you should set clear learning goals with your mentor and expect to see concrete progress toward them as time goes on. Depending on your learning goals, you might want to work with your mentor more than once.

Before you talk with your mentor, make sure you have a couple learning goals in mind. Write down one to three career challenges or objectives that you want specific feedback and guidance on. An example of a learning goal could be "get specific feedback on my resume" or "fine tune my personal elevator pitch" or "discuss avenues to make a career change."

Every mentor is vetted by Career Contessa so you can't go wrong with whichever mentor you choose. However, it's always a great idea to pick the mentor whose background or experience most closely aligns with what you're currently doing or want to be doing. Simply filter mentors by expertise, cost, or industry at the top of the Browse Mentors page. Next, review the mentor profiles to select the one you're most comfortable with.

Each mentor is hand-selected by Career Contessa and vetted for expertise, training or one-on-one time spent mentoring, and their ability to teach. We look for successful professionals who've got it figured out—subject-matter and industry experts, career coaches, and/or recruiting and HR professionals who get what you're going through. They're the kind of women who can give you honest, actionable advice because they've already been there, done that. Most importantly, we look for mentors who are passionate about the benefits of good advice and are committed to providing a valuable experience every time.

We all know that we're more likely to follow through with an appointment when we're already financially committed (it's why we use Class Pass to get ourselves to pilates). We ask that you pay for the session first so you and the mentor know that both parties are serious and committed to the appointment.

The mentors set their own rates based on their experience, i.e. number of years working one-on-one with clients, subject-matter expertise, and professional training.

#CCMentorMonday is a weekly Instagram series where we answer your toughest career questions—and the community gets to weighs in, too. You can submit your questions right here to see them answered on Instagram.

Email with your resume and a brief explanation of why you want to join our mentors!

We're always open to pitches, especially if you can offer a unique perspective that fits our real talk approach to careers. Send us 2-3 pitches via along with examples of your past work. Because of the volume of submissions, we don't reply to everyone, but we promise that if you send it, we'll take a serious look.

Of course! We love interviewing women who have built unique careers. To submit yourself, a friend, or a client, please use this form.

Yep, occasionally we do. We especially love partnering with like-minded women who are writing on topics that would interest our audience. Email us at to get the conversation started.

We have a few options for sponsored partnerships, and we love to discuss custom projects with brands that we can get behind and think our audience would like. Contact us at to hear more.

Because we don't like them. When we work with a brand on sponsored partnerships, we make sure that whatever we produce still provides value to our audience regardless of whether they want to buy the product at the end. Standard banner ads don't offer that level of value and so we skip them.

That being said, we do sometimes include affiliate links in our articles. They help us pay the bills, and we only use them to recommend products or services that we fully support (and often use ourselves).