Lauren McGoodwin

Founder & CEO

Lauren graduated in 2009 and found herself like many recent grads: not wanting to pursue her area of study and unsure of her next step. After a few (tough) years of soul and job searching, Lauren settled into Los Angeles working as a Recruiter for Hulu. Recognizing and experiencing the gap in career development resources for millennial women, Lauren decided to create Career Contessa in 2013. When not Contessa’ing, Lauren can be found on the yoga mat, daydreaming about her future dog, and trying new smoothie recipes.

First job post-college: Event coordinator at a non-profit sports development company.
Favorite way to unwind: DIY home projects.
Enthusiast of: Thrift store finds, weekend brunches and taking her beach cruiser for a spin.

Kit Warchol

Director of Content & Editorial

After graduating with a degree in Comp Lit, Kit went to work as a web writer and strategist at a music industry start-up by day. She spent nights writing for various publications and brands such as ARTINFO, Joie, The Rumpus, ROXY and Modern Painters. Ready to combine her passion for digital content and smart writing, Kit joined Career Contessa as Managing Editor. When she’s not working on CC’s editorial strategy, she can be found on the hunt for Los Angeles’ best ceviche, trying (always) to catch up on last week’s New Yorker or inifinite-scrolling her Instagram.

First post-college job: Arts educator at a photography museum.
Favorite way to unwind: Sunday morning trips to the Korean day spa. Late afternoon naps.
Enthusiast of: Third wave coffee, sharp wit, Esquire and a perfect pair of vintage Levi’s 501s.

Meghan Raab

Marketing Manager

Meghan graduated from University of San Francisco in 2010 with a BA in English/Creative Writing and a minor in Media Studies. She explored careers in writing, TV production, broadcast news, and PR before landing at a SF-based ad agency, where she worked with clients like Blue Shield of California, Sephora, and LinkedIn. At the end of 3 amazing (and draining) years of agency life, Meghan took some time off to backpack in Latin America. She then moved to Los Angeles to work for an e-commerce startup before joining the Career Contessa team. When Meghan's not working on CC's marketing strategy, she can be found endlessly redecorating her apartment, taking Pure Barre classes, and writing poems she may or may not publish one day. 

First post-college job: Account Coordinator at an advertising agency.
Favorite way to unwind: Mani/pedis and Pinot Noir.
Enthusiast of: Impromptu trips, tasting menus, and vintage coats.

Sarah Davidson

Senior Designer

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Sarah graduated from journalism school at Northwestern in 2013. She moved to New York, where she designed fun stuff for brands like InStyle, Physique 57 and BRIDES. After three years living in Manhattan (and feeling a little homesick for the west coast), she relocated to sunny Los Angeles to work with Career Contessa. Her favorite things about her new city are sticking her toes in the ocean, singing along to the Rihanna in the car, and wearing sandals year-round.

First post-college job: Assistant to the creative director at a fashion magazine.
Favorite way to unwind: Spending some quality time with a best friend, drinking an alcoholic beverage near a body of water, or getting lost in a great story.
Enthusiast of: Thai food, throwback hits of the 2000s, the outdoors.

Kathrina Sio

Photo Editor

While earning her Bachelor's of Arts in Interior Design, Kathrina was already working full time as an Assistant Designer. The opportunity to grow within the company however suddenly seemed stunted. With no real plan in mind she quit her job, took a family trip and brought along a borrowed camera. Most of her photos came out blurry and out of focus but it was then that things were really starting to become in focus. Now she and her husband work together as wedding and lifestyle photographers. When she's not coordinating shoots, finding new creatives and editing photos for Career Contessa, Kathrina can be found taking road trips and laughing way too loud.

First post-college job: Assistant Designer for a Commercial Interior Design company.
Favorite way to unwind: Walking up and down the aisles of Target.
Enthusiast of: Dresses with pockets and puppy watching.

Jacqueline DeMarco

Social Media & Content Coordinator

Torn between pursuing a career in marketing or writing after studying Literary Journalism and Digital Art at the University of California Irvine, Jacqueline found the perfect fit as the Social Media Coordinator at Career Contessa. Working at Career Contessa allows her to pursue her social media, marketing, writing and design interests in one perfect package. Jacqueline has been published on popular digital publications such as Apartment Therapy, The Everygirl, Byrdie, Create & Cultivate, and Bridal Guide to name a few. Because she spends so much time online, Jacqueline loves to step away from all of the screens for a few hours to go to outdoor yoga classes, spend time with family and friends, and pet as many animals as possible.

First post-college job: Marketing specialist at a financial firm.
Favorite way to unwind: Long walks (preferably and cornily on a beach).
Enthusiast of: Going to zoos, reading creative nonfiction and buying gray sweaters almost identical to ones she already owns.

Asia David

Digital Coordinator

Graduating from Seattle Pacific University with a major in Visual Communications and Double Minor in New Media and Art History, Asia knew she was going to end up in a creative field. With a background in graphic design and creative direction, Asia's love of visuals flowed over into her Instagram which evolved into an online site where she talks about career, travel, and creative living. After living in Seattle and New York, she came back home to Los Angeles where she joined CC as Digital Coordinator.
When Asia isn't coordinating everything digital at Career Contessa, she's blogging, eating out with friends, on a plane headed somewhere new, or camped out at a coffee shop in Downtown LA working on her creative studio.
First Job Post College: Art Director at Matte Black, a cultural marketing agency
Favorite way to unwind: Movie and wine nights with friends
Enthusiast of: Art museums, traveling, fresh press juices, beautifully art directed movies, and coffee shops

Maria Fernanda Roman

Brand Marketing Intern

Maria Fernanda is a Marketing Intern at Career Contessa and a soon to be graduate of the University of Puerto Rico at Bayamon. After graduation, she hopes to attend SCAD Atlanta in order to pursue a Master’s in Interior Design. When she’s not hitting the books you can find her planning her next adventure, learning the ins and outs of social media or baking some chocolately concoction. 

Favorite way to unwind: Watching rom-coms, catching up on magazines or a good book.
Enthusiast of : Traveling and interior design.