Lauren McGoodwin

Lauren McGoodwin

Founder & Career Consultant, Career Contessa
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About Me

I'm the Founder & CEO at Career Contessa, a career site helping women build successful careers—and companies hire and retain top talent. I founded Career Contessa in 2013 after experiencing a gap in career development tools for women job searching or trying to climb the corporate ladder. Together with a talented team, we now provide career advice, access to mentors, and development tools to over one million women a year. In addition, I teach webinars and workshops on a variety of career topics including LinkedIn, networking, interviewing, job search strategy and more. Hire me if you need help with any of the following: • Creating a job application strategy • Determining what career path to pursue • Fine-tuning your resume and cover letter • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for job searching, personal branding, and networking • Sharpening presentation and communication skills Formerly, I was a University Recruiter for Hulu focused on hiring, strategy, and program management for all internship and entry-level roles. I've partnered with hiring managers, reviewed thousands of resumes— and interviewed plenty of talented candidates giving me a wealth of insight into what sets job candidates apart. I also hold a Masters in Communication Management from University of Southern California where I wrote my thesis on millennial women and career resources. Basically, helping women be fulfilled with their careers is my jam.

When women support each other, amazing things happen.

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Current Position
Founder & Career Consultant, Career Contessa
Previous Positions
University Recruiter, Hulu January, 2012 - May, 2014
Admissions Counselor, University of Southern California April, 2010 - January, 2012
BS Education, Minor in Business - University of Oregon
Masters, Communication Management - University of Southern California


"I own my own business and am considering a transition back into the corporate world. My call with Lauren provided me with a good strategy for tackling my job search, as well as various tips on what to say when contacting connections and valuable info on timing and follow-up. I would HIGHLY recommend scheduling a call with Lauren if you are looking for a job or changing careers. "
- Anonymous, 39 Dec. 05, 2016
"I'm returning to work after raising kids, and Lauren has been extremely helpful in directing me in how to get past the challenges that go along with this particular situation!"
- Anonymous, 47 Oct. 12, 2016
"I met with Lauren about 6 months ago to discuss my job search strategy. I was eager to find new ways to find a new happy home. Lauren enlightened me to a very targeted job search strategy to focus on specific companies as opposed to titles, compensation, or perks. Finding a job that was close to home that had a fantastic culture was top of mind for me since I had been working remotely for over 3 years out of my home. After 6 months of strategically researching companies and their cultures, I fell in love with a company in the same town where I live with a culture that was aligned to my personal and professional beliefs. Lauren's advice and strategic approach was exactly what I needed to make the right next move. Thanks, Lauren & Career Contessa!"
- Candace L. , 32 Sep. 29, 2016
"Lauren was very helpful and brought to light many areas of improvement that I can work on. With her help I will be able to get my portfolio to the next level and reach my goals."
- Ashley V. , 23 Jun. 03, 2016
"Lauren was very knowledgeable and helped me gain some real insight into the job-search process. "
- Marie S. , 34 May. 25, 2016
"Lauren was incredibly easy to talk to and very understanding. It was great to talk to an unbiased third party and get advice and create a plan for my issues. I can't thank her enough for helping me devise a plan, I will definitely be following up with her! THANKS LAUREN!"
- Lauren P. May. 09, 2016
"I loved working with Lauren. As a freelancer who had taken a pause from the video production, I was lost when applying for jobs in a corporate setting. Lauren is a LinkedIn wizard with expert knowledge to get your resume to the top of the pile. Additionally, she gave me invaluable advice to ace my interviews. What I found most important was how she empowered me highlight my experiences, even if I didn't think they were applicable. I've recommended her to everyone I know, especially those in transitions. It's hard to stand out in the job market when there are so many factors in play. I plan on investing in as many sessions with Lauren as I need to find the right position. It's certainly worth it to have a guru in your corner. "
- Kayte C. Apr. 01, 2016
"Talking wit Lauren was very helpful. As I've been stuck in the trenches is was wonderful to talk with Lauren and recieve her un-bias advice. I looking forward to continuing the conversation."
- Vanessa D. Mar. 26, 2016
"WOW - I was skeptical before purchasing a session as sometimes it can feel that with "coaching" sessions you may be getting pulled into something promotional rather than helpful, but my Hire an Expert experience exceeded my expectations. The session was completely personalized. Lauren was organized, an amazing listener, able to pin point exact areas that needed immediate focus, identify goals for the future and lay out specific steps to take moving forward that engage you in the process. I highly recommend investing in a session, I'm so happy I did and look forward to working with her further. Thank you, Lauren! "
- Caroline S. Mar. 23, 2016
"I was really pleased with my session with Lauren. She was an incredible help with demystifying LinkedIn, and I think her ideas and the examples she showed me will really help me create a more enticing profile. I also appreciated the way she broke down the job search into manageable stages. This advice was exactly what I was looking for, and I am definitely pleased with my session."
- Kathleen B. Mar. 09, 2016
"Lauren provides strategic career advice and recommendations paired with actionable steps to take to put all plans in motion. I've adopted some great new practices and habits that I'll be using for years to come. It's quite apparent that every morsel of support I am receiving has been developed with my unique needs and situation in mind. I highly recommend working with a Career Expert. Taking part in a designated effort to map out, navigate and course correct your career is something that should be mandatory to all employees. Working with someone like Lauren who actually knows the career, employment and recruiting game has made all the difference in the world. She is incredibly encouraging and offers proven solutions that work. Working with her has allowed me to make some crucial discoveries about my own areas of expertise that led me to re-examine my targeted career industries. An awesome service! "
- Audrey A. Feb. 10, 2016
"Really fantastic session that I got a lot more out of than I thought I would! It was good to have a fresh pair of eyes look over my existing resume and Linked in profile. The tips that you gave me about how to improve my resume and Linked In profile were great. I liked how you gave really practical tips and examples for me to follow, and how we walked through everything step by step. Good pace, not to overwhelming :)"
- Kavisha J. Feb. 06, 2016
"I left my expert session a different person than I entered it! I can't begin to describe how eye opening and clarifying it was. I only wish I had it 5 years ago, it would have spared me from some unnecessary missteps. Lauren is amazing! She knows today's career and recruiting climate inside and out. I received honest insight about where it stands and and a tailor-made plan for navigating it. If you're here reading reviews (like I was just a few weeks ago) to find out whether a session with Lauren could help you. My answer is 1000% YES. If you aren't yet where you want to be career-wise, you owe it to yourself to have a session. My session was definitely a game changer. For the first time in a very long time, I'm clear and I'm excited about all the possibilities in front of me. In less than an hour, Lauren helped me find my focus, my voice and my plan, and most importantly, my value and my strength. Thank you so much Lauren and CC It was as absolute privilege. "
- Audrey A. Jan. 08, 2016
"Loved meeting with Lauren and hearing her story. Stories are powerful and it was inspiring to speak with a credible resource one on one."
- Ashley M. Jan. 05, 2016
"Lauren is a true LinkedIn expert! She went through my profile from top to bottom, and pinpointed areas of development with clear, simple, and realistic takeaways. Given her expertise in recruiting, she was very familiar with how recruiters search for keywords, which aspects of the profile are most noticed, and small tweaks I could make to boost my online brand. Her advice was targeted to what I was looking for as a graduating college student about to start my first job, and she also suggested a great timeline for when I should revamp my profile and how often I should. LinkedIn optimization is definitely a much needed (and not often discussed) aspect of career development and Lauren does a fantastic job with it! Overall, I enjoyed my conversation with Lauren and would definitely book another session with her in the future. "
- Sruthi R. Dec. 14, 2015
"I was hesitant to reach-out at first, but what I accomplished from speaking with Lauren was beyond what I expected. Having a conversation with someone outside of my usual circle of friends, family, and colleagues for advice was a great decision. Lauren gave me a fresh perspective and fresh ideas on how to approach my current situation. She was very easy to talk to and gave me some action items to take away and work on to improve my progress. The structure of the conversation was focused but relaxed, and I have a renewed confidence in myself to make good choices and continue to grow my career in any position. "
- Blair A. Dec. 07, 2015
"Speaking with Lauren was a great experience. She was able to to help me hone in on what I need to improve to get the job of my dreams. She was organized and broken down all the items I needed to work on so it was easy for me to make the changes needed. I suggest anyone that is in a rut applying for jobs or looking for a new career take the time to speak with Lauren."
- Minal P. Nov. 29, 2015
"I found my session with Lauren to be incredibly helpful. I was in a rut in my job search, and I was feeling completely overwhelmed, panicked, and paralyzed by the process of finding a new job. I was in desperate need of a fresh pair of eyes on my resume, some no-frill advice on job searching and a serious pep talk. Lauren provided that and more! From the start of our call, she laid out a clear, realistic plan for our session, concentrating on the things that I found most overwhelming. Lauren provided easy-to-follow action steps to shape the next phase of my job search and shared some solid advice on how to conquer my feelings of panic and paralysis when thinking about the next step in my career. At the end of the call, I was amazed at how calm, empowered and (dare I say) excited I felt to continue my job search. It's amazing what an hour with a Contessa can do :) I highly recommend this service and Lauren. "
- Julie L. Nov. 23, 2015
"Lauren is a LinkedIn genius. I went into the session with the goal to attract some more clients through LinkedIn, but wasn't sure what else I could do. I already had over 500 connections, had listed all of my work experience, and even uploaded a few articles. I'm still working on the "homework" Lauren assigned me, but after implementing just one of her suggestions, I've already booked a new client! As an entrepreneur I've found a lot of great general advice on how to establish an online presence, but after my session with Lauren I felt it was the first time I ever walked away with some tangible advice I could put into action. She's also extremely personable and fun to talk to. I can't wait for my next session! "
- Jessi H. Nov. 20, 2015