Kim Wensel

Kim Wensel

Personal Branding + Career Strategist, Pattern of Purpose
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About Me

I'm Kim, the founder and owner of Pattern of Purpose. I work with women are are stuck in their career. They're tired of working for the weekend, hoping for something to change. They know there's something bigger they could be doing in their professional life. I help them uncover exactly what they want their next chapter of work to look like and develop a customized plan to make the transition. My areas of focus include: - Resume Review - Cover Letter Review - Interview Practice - Career Conversation - Personal Branding Development - Branding - Public Speaking - Networking - Job Search Strategy I love witnessing the clarity that comes when my clients are able to make the connections between all of the positions they've held and how that makes the perfect candidate for the career that they want. Even if you feel like you've had a non-linear path or unrelated experiences, I can guarantee that it's possible to craft a compelling career story that makes sense and makes others want to work with you. As a coach, I draw on a decade's worth of experience advising students and professionals. I've worked at five top-tier universities as a recruiter, advisor, and career development instructor. Additionally, I've held project management roles at non-profits and consultancies supporting international health, women's rights, and education initiatives. I've also started two businesses on my own and have a strong passion for supporting other female entrepreneurs and emerging leaders. I've recently presented on the following topics: - Personal Branding - Overcoming Imposter Syndrome - Realizing Your Potential - Translating Your Passions into a Career - Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile - Getting Out of a Job Rut - Preparing for a Successful Career Transition With a Master in Social Work, a Master in Public Health and B.A. in Communication, I have a broad perspective on the workforce and if/when advanced education is right for you and your career goals. Whether you're launching your career or shifting your path, I look forward to the opportunity to work one-on-one with you!

A successful career change - above anything else - depends on how you tell your story.

Get to Know Me

Current Position
Personal Branding + Career Strategist, Pattern of Purpose
Previous Positions
Strategic Communications Associate, Sharp Insight, LLC April 2015 - April 2017
Program Officer / Communications Consultant, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs January 2012 - October 2015
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Boston University November 2007 - May 2009
Master of Social Work - University of Michigan
Master of Public Health - University of Michigan
Bachelor of Arts, Communication - Virginia Tech


"Kim was absolutely AMAZING! I have never felt more at ease untangling some of the knots I'd created in my career. She helped me understand how my different career paths have common threads that make me a huge asset to future employers & that's something I would have never seen on my own. Thank you Kim; I will definitely seek your advisement again in the future!"
- Cortney H. Apr. 26, 2016
"Talking with Kim was great. She listened and provided great feedback on the ideas I was throwing out to her. She helped me put things in perspective, provided resources to help me move forward with my ideas, and gave me encouragement to keep moving forward with my plans. I'm looking forward to working with her again. "
- April V. Apr. 06, 2016
"My session with Kim was incredibly enlightening and so very helpful. I'm a bit seasoned in my career (not entry level), but her guidance still really hit home, being both practical and customized to me and my individual career path. She was very patient and client focused, going above and beyond to make sure I got all I could out of our session, even after we had some technical (i.e., phone) issues. I can't recommend Kim enough as a career counseling guru!"
- Joelle Z. Mar. 29, 2016
"Kim was very pleasant and positive to talk to. When I first went on the website it was pretty confusing to sort through all of the career coaches because they all have similar backgrounds and all sound like they can help you. What I found interesting about Kim was her own story of how she found herself questioning her career path and taking risks to search for something else. That's why I picked Kim and I haven't regretted my choice! She helped me focus in on my resume to have it say what I actually want it to convey versus just numbers and facts and sound like a standard resume. And most of all she helped reassure me that just because I haven't been hired yet doesn't mean I'm lacking the skill set that I need to get hired- I just need to really focus on keywords in my resume and brand myself to the right places. I feel like that advice isn't really something I have heard before or could have just found myself because I've been lost in applying to so many job sites and taking advice from too many people and therefore making too many changes to my resume/interviewing process in the wrong direction. Kim helped me refocus back on my original career goal, make up a game plan for how to zone in on my resume, and try again to go after what I really want instead of just something that will get me hired in yet another job I don't particularly care for. Thanks Kim!"
- Azra H. Mar. 20, 2016
"Having no idea what you want to do, career wise, can be very frustrating. I was in need of some major direction and Kim was happy to help. She provided simple steps for me to take, making sure to never overwhelm me. We first started by brainstorming about my dream job-what I genuinely wanted to do without a long list of "what ifs". Then she helped me focus those desires into possible career paths that would be emotionally & financially sustaining. Finally, Kim sent me a detailed QuickTime instruction video of how to revamp my entire LinkedIn profile to make sure I was utilizing all it had to offer- incorporating key skills I had obtained that could be utilized in these dream jobs of mine, networking tips, cosmetic changes to my profile, etc. Throughout all of our engagement, Kim's critiquing always remained constructive. She never told me what I wanted to here. Only what I needed to hear. I am very grateful to her for help and look forward to our future engagement!"
- Brittany S. Mar. 11, 2016
"Working with Kim is incredible! She makes every meeting so worthwhile. At the beginning of the session she presented a list of things she wanted to work on for the day, and even had some job posting suggestions ready. She has great ideas on how to make your LinkedIn profile really stand out and also how to navigate their job board. Kim also helps you construct custom answers that fit your personality to tough interview questions like, "Tell us about yourself" or "What is your greatest weakness?". I come out of every session with Kim with a refreshed attitude toward jumpstarting my career. She is smart, enthusiastic, and determined to help you become the best version of yourself. "
- Genevieve T. Feb. 26, 2016