Josilin Torrano

Josilin Torrano

Recruiting Lead, Facebook
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About Me

My name is Josilin and I have been an in-house Recruiter and University Program Manager for eight years. I fell into this industry as a mere University Relations intern back when I was a student at UCLA. Since 2008, I’ve partnered with the best and brightest minds in the Entertainment and Tech industry to find exceptional talent. I’ve reviewed thousands of resumes, critiqued endless portfolios, and conducted more interviews than I can count on my fingers and toes. In all my roles, the goal has always been to help people find their dream jobs. Whether it’s an internship at Nickelodeon, a software engineering gig at Hulu, or a design role at Facebook, the goal remains the same. What I love most about my job is connecting with people and helping them along in their careers. From feedback on a resume to guidance on a job-search strategy, I love offering results-oriented advice. At Facebook, I travel the world seeking top design, content strategy, and marketing talent. I partner with professors for strategic university events and workshops, I collaborate with our incredible Facebook team, and work with my recruiting partners to build a top-rated internship and university grad programs. I have been featured in Vault, Career Contessa, Refinery29, Thought Café, Make It New: A History of Silicon Valley Design, and the Miracle Worker series. So, let's get started! My diverse range of recruiting experience can help you clarify your career goals and position yourself exactly the right way to future employers.

Good things don't come to those who wait, they come to those who go after what they want.

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Current Position
Recruiting Lead, Facebook
Previous Positions
University Recruiter , Hulu January 2012 - January 2013
Creative Recruiter, Nickelodeon June 2008 - January 2012
B.A. Communication Studies - UCLA


"Josilin was extremely helpful! She was invaluable helping me to update my job seeking resources from just-graduated to "slightly experienced professional" for my next job search. She was able to mix pointed feedback with clear suggestions of how I can portray myself in the best light for recruiters and others viewing my resume. I was extremely happy with my session, and plan to book with Josilin again after working through my action items."
- Kaitlyn S. , 28 Mar. 10, 2017
"I really appreciated the objective feedback. It really affirmed the action steps I need to make to move forward in my job search."
- Laura F. , 24 Mar. 06, 2017
"Josilin was extremely helpful and provided specific notes on my resume and cover letter along with detailed explanations of how to improve them both. We also reviewed interview strategies which left me feeling completely prepared and confident. I can't sing enough praises about my experience, I am confident that the session will contribute to my success in the job market and have already referred several friends to Josilin! I am beyond grateful that I found Career Contessa's mentor page - well worth it!"
- Cassidy C. , 26 Mar. 02, 2017
"This is a very helpful and enthusiastic person to work with. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for feedback on their career, the size of the company they should work for, and overall to be pointed in the right direction for their job hunt. It is invaluable to speak with the gatekeepers and to see what they see. "
- Sara A. , 29 Jan. 18, 2017
"I very much enjoyed talking with Josilin about my career concerns. I am struggling to find connections in a new area, and she helped me with several ways I can get my name out there. She also had some great feedback on my resume and portfolio site. I'm excited to make the changes we discussed! "
- Anonymous, 32 Nov. 03, 2016
"Engaging. Informative. Josilin was well prepared, friendly and open to suggestions. One thing I really appreciated was the way she set the agenda at the front and time-checked every so often which gave us a road map and laser-like focus. She's incredibly knowledgeable about the tech industry and gave fantastic feedback on my CV. I came away with greater clarity on my future steps. "
- Anonymous, 22 Oct. 12, 2016
"The session I had with Josilin was well worth the time and investment. She gave me advice about my resume/linked in that no one had brought to my attention before. That alone was eye opening! Not only was she truly a professional and prepared, I felt instantly comfortable talking to her. Overall a great experience and looking forward to booking another session with her. "
- Lisa T. , 34 Sep. 06, 2016
"I'm super pleased! Josilin was very professional, courteous, and definitely came to the session prepared. I left the call with a clear picture of my next career steps. I highly recommend Josilin to anyone looking for specific insight into how big tech firms hire for design talent. "
- Anonymous, 18 Aug. 22, 2016
"Josilin is experienced in recruiting and I was happy with the insights she provided. She answered many of my questions and gave me feedback on my resume. Overall, she was friendly, helpful, and worth the investment. "
- Anonymous, 24 Aug. 21, 2016
"Josilin did a great job in job searching, resume reviewing and offer negotiating. I'd say my job searching process becomes much easier with her tech company recruiter's perspective. I highly recommend tech company job seeker to have a chat with her! "
- Anonymous, 24 Jul. 31, 2016
"Josilin was such a treat to talk to! She was precise, genuine and exceeded all my expectations. I highly recommend her for individuals in all career stages. "
- Anonymous, 24 Jul. 15, 2016
"Worth every penny. I was extremely impressed with how prepared Josilin was to speak with me. She took the time to research me, review my resume, LinkedIn, and the notes I submitted with my session request. Josilin came to our call with a very thoughtful and thorough plan for our session. She has such fantastic insight, and was very supportive and positive. As a fellow Recruiting professional, Josilin was able to help me see what I needed to change in my resume, and job search to better angle myself for the next step in my career. At the end of our call, Josilin went over a list of action items for me to take the next steps. She followed up with a recap email of these items. I left our call feeling very hopeful and positive about my job search. I 100% recommend Josilin to anyone who is looking for career guidance, resume and job search help. She is a solid professional. You won’t regret it! "
- Erin J. , 30 Jul. 12, 2016
"Loved my session with Josilin! She was highly organized from the get go, and made it feel like I was talking to a good friend. I came to her for insight regarding a career change into recruiting, rebranding myself and where to go from there. I left the session with practical tools to apply right away and a unique perspective on what it means to be a university recruiter in the tech world. Her passion and personality made it all the more fun too! Looking forward to another. "
- Sarah O. , 23 Jul. 12, 2016
"My session with Josilin was exactly what I was hoping for and worth every penny! During our session Josilin walked me through the strengths and weaknesses of my current resume and portfolio. Our session gave me confidence to sell myself better as a designer. She helped me lean down my resume and portfolio and really focus on the big wins in my career. My main takeaway was to really nail down what my story is as a designer and use my resume, portfolio and elevator pitch to help tell that story cohesively. Josilin was easy to talk to and answered all of my questions. I left the session feeling more confident and excited to give my portfolio a makeover. I would absolutely recommend Josilin to any creatives looking for to take their professional online presence to the next level. "
- Lindsey L. , 26 Jul. 07, 2016
"I was very happy with my session with Josilin. Josilin came prepared with tips and insight. She gives you plenty of time to ask questions and gives very detailed answers. "
- Anonymous, 26 Jul. 05, 2016
"Josilin provided some fresh insights that I simply had never of thought of when it came to some of my challenges. She was honest, friendly, and very willing to listen when I spoke. Although it was tough to hear about some of the things I needed to work on in my resume and portfolio, her kindness and laughter helped soften the blow. I look forward to taking her suggestions and moving forward to a brighter future ahead. "
- Gina S. , 52 Jun. 30, 2016
"Josilin was a pleasure to work with. This was my second session with her and I always leave with so much insight than before!"
- Rayna F. , 26 Jun. 17, 2016
"Josilin was prepared and gave me direct feedback on my resume and ways to improve. She was very nice and went a few minutes over our allotted time and answered all questions. One thing I would recommend is for there to be some sort of chat function or video chat in the Career Contessa portal-so we can be viewing the materials together (ie: Google DocX share function). "
- Lindsey M. , 26 Jun. 13, 2016
"I really enjoyed my session with Josilin. She was very easy to talk to and gave me amazing pointers on my resume. I look froward to working with her again in the near future."
- Rayna F. , 26 May. 24, 2016
"Josilin was a pleasure to work with. Our call focused on preparing for my onsite interview. She began our call by sharing several items that she wanted us to go over before the call was complete. Shortly after the call Josilin followed-up with an email outlining what we spoke about along with actions items. She was able to answer very specific questions related to design within tech. If a friend was interested in such a service, I would highly recommend Joslin."
- Anonymous, 40 May. 23, 2016
"Josilin was AMAZING. She really took the time to go through each of the steps I need to take to further my career and make a change. Her resume advice was spot on and she genuinely seemed to care about what I want, where I want to be, and how to help me achieve what I want to achieve. Her advice for reaching out and making connections is what I needed to hear and understand more about, and she put it all into an easy to understand way. I recommend Josilin for anyone that needs career advice and help understanding what may be holding them back. "
- Melissa S. Apr. 26, 2016
"I found my session with Josilin very helpful. I am in the middle of a stressful job search, and I was feeling completely overwhelmed and frustrated. Josilin provided some much-needed advice, solid actions steps and a serious pep talk. At the start of our call, she laid out a clear plan for our session. She provided insight on ways to make me stand out more as a candidate and valuable interview advice. Josilin’s positivity is contagious, and it is apparent how much she loves her work and helping others. She is also just so much fun to talk to! After the call, I felt at ease, empowered and ready to continue to tackle my job search. I'm glad she is a Career Contessa Expert. She is an asset to the program. I recommend her!"
- Julie L. Apr. 23, 2016
"Josilin was an incredible help to me! Our session was comprehensive while maintaining a very comfortable atmosphere to have a great conversation. She was prepared with questions, useful advice and a caring attitude that make you feel prepared to take next steps in your career. Thank you so much, Josilin!"
- Anissa T. Feb. 29, 2016
"Fantastic first consultation with Josilin. In my case, while I have done well in my industry space, people tend to get stuck in silos; I want to steer my career towards technology. Josilin gave me precise feedback on I should go about tweaking my CV and building my brand, including my on-line presence. I now have at least three "homework" assignments, time to get cracking!"
- Kara B. Feb. 25, 2016
"Josilin helped me understand important details of my resume. She helped me understand the importance of my accomplishments at work verus just my job duties. Also the little things on a resume like lines spacing and font sizes. I do feel confident in resume writing now."
- Trenise P. Feb. 07, 2016
"Overall, I found Josilin insightful and willing to go the extra mile with helping me. The portion of my session discussing LinkedIn was very enlightening not only in what to include on my LinkedIn profile but how to properly utilize LinkedIn when searching for a future career. The conversation almost ran like bullets you'd see for a business meeting: topics were discussed with goals in mind and a review at the end. I feel more confident and like I have a better foot hold on wrestling with the overwhelming task of job hunting. Big ups and many thanks Josilin!"
- Alesi A. Dec. 23, 2015
"I really enjoyed the session with Josilin. I felt she was really helpful and easy to talk to. Because she was a recruiter, she was able to give wonderful feedback from an employer stand point. It also helped that she was prepared and did research on me! I left the session feeling rejuvenated about my career path! "
- Tiffany S. Dec. 22, 2015