Jill Ozovek

Jill Ozovek

Founder & Career Coach, Jill Ozovek Career Coaching
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About Me

I'm Jill, a certified career coach that helps women find jobs they love. -Do you absolutely dread Monday mornings and spend much of your Sunday anticipating the upcoming dread, thus effectively cutting your weekend in half? -Would you love to get to the gym, but since your boss won’t spring for an ergonomic chair,the back spasms leave you too weak to exercise, and you can’t afford the money or time to see a doctor? -Are you dealing with a fear or panic that you’re not quite where you’re ‘supposed to be’? -Are you thinking about a career change but are not quite sure what the first step might be? -Do you come home from your day exhausted and with little to no energy to pursue what you real wanna be doing? Totally get it. I was right there with you on many of the above things. Now, I am a certified professional career coach (CPC) and I work 1:1 with women who have had one (or more) careers but are itching for more. I've developed a 4 phase (fun!) roadmap that's doable, achievable and doesn't feel onerous and like a ton of work. Areas of focus include: -resume honing, -career transition, -personal brand and narrative -networking strategy -job search strategy -figuring out what you want to do when you have no idea -salary negotiation, -interview prep Additionally, I am an avid writer, blogger with extensive market research and event production experience and I run Jill Ozovek Coaching, my personal & career development coaching practice.

Anything can happen if you just put your mind to it.

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Current Position
Founder & Career Coach, Jill Ozovek Career Coaching
Previous Positions
Consultant, LRN July 2013 - May 2015
Managing Director, Finance & Investments, IIR June 2009 - November 2011
Program Director, SuperReturn US, IIR February 2006 - November 2011
Conference director, IIR February 2006 - May 2009
BA Sociology and History - Villanova University
Certified Professional Coach designation - IPEC


"Jill is amazing! I so enjoyed talking with her. After speaking with Jill, I gained some much-needed clarity about the job search process and what I want from my career. We had an instant connection and our conversation flowed smoothly. After our call, I felt a sense of relief like a huge burden was lifted. An hour wasn't nearly long enough though, so I've enrolled in Jill's career coaching program to fully tackle this process head on. Thanks to Jill I'm actually excited to start the once dreaded job search process. I'm very happy I scheduled this session with her and have a renewed sense of confidence regarding my career path. I strongly recommend Jill!! "
- Kimberly B. Apr. 13, 2016