Jane Scudder

Jane Scudder

Marketing Consultant, Career Coach & Adjunct Professor for Career Preparation, Humana, Never Settle Coaching, Loyola University Chicago
$125/Session | 7 Reviews
  • Salary + Negotiation
  • Networking
  • Personal Branding
  • Job Search Strategies + Tools
  • Interviewing
  • Resumes + Cover Letters
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Leadership + Management
  • Career Transitions
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About Me

Hiya! I'm Jane, a marketing professional and certified career and life coach who helps people get unstuck. Many of my clients come to me ready to take the next step in their career but don't always know exactly what that is or how to do it. Often, I hear from clients that something feels "off" in their current situation, but they’re not sure how to make a change. Other times, clients may be taking on new management responsibilities or need to have that nerve-racking salary negotiation conversation. Others simply want to talk about where they want to take their career with an unbiased expert. If any of this sounds familiar to you, I’d love to work together! A little bit more about me and my background: I work full-time in marketing management for a Fortune 100 company and also run a coaching business, Never Settle Coaching. When I started Never Settle one of my biggest inspirations came from my own personal experience of navigating the waters of professional transition. A few years ago, I took a huge leap of faith in moving to a new city where I knew virtually no one to start a new job. It was overwhelmingly a positive experience (I've since moved to another new city with a small network to start) though the journey was not without its roadblocks and pitfalls. The experience got me thinking about all the valuable advice and help I have received—and also given—along the way. I’ve always had a passion for helping others find their own path, and after successfully finding my own Never Settle Coaching was officially born in 2014. Since beginning coaching I’ve helped tons of individuals renegotiate their salaries, transition to new jobs and companies, get accepted to top graduate school programs, become new managers, and sometimes change their job focus entirely. I’ve worked with entry-level professionals, new managers, mid-level managers, and executives alike. I’ve helped these individuals to find personal and professional fulfillment, growth, and success. Along with my experience relocating, how did I get into coaching and marketing management? I’ve always been a bit of a planner and have had a vision for my life and career. I majored in Anthropology and Sociology at the University of Virginia but knew my path would lead me to the corporate world. I understood that my choice to study these subjects would make it a bit more challenging to launch my career so I got scrappy and creative; I interned a lot and held many different jobs to explore my interests. I was first exposed to marketing while working for the Recycling Department at UVA. For three years I crafted messaging and led promotions to educate students about often little-known recycling options. I began sharing advice on my experience supplementing my education with others; and soon friends, family, and classmates were seeking me out to discuss their journeys. Once in school, I ended up leading part of an internship seminar since my classmates had more questions for me than the facilitator; years later I participated in a negotiation seminar and again ended up leading part of the session since I had the most experience on the topic! Most recently I have begun a role as an Adjunct Professor at Loyola University Chicago, teaching a Career Preparation course in the undergraduate business school. (See how I've crafted my own career? I'd love to help you do the same!) So what should you expect if I become your mentor? When it comes to my coaching methods, I recognize the importance of everyone’s unique experiences, backgrounds, and goals. All my sessions are tailored to my clients’ personal preferences and needs. From there, I draw on my decade of marketing and brand management experience to help my clients hone in on what they truly want to achieve. Marketing and communication is all about being focused; this focus is crucial in coaching as well so that we can be actionable. It's key in enabling us to identify and communicate our intention as well as clear and concise next steps for you to take after our session whether that’s in your resume, knowing where you want to take your career next, conversations with management, or simply in describing yourself in your elevator pitch. Often, clients tell me that one of the most helpful things our sessions accomplish is in defining their vision for what their career path will look like 5, 10, even 20 years down the line. Along with general career coaching, leadership, and salary negotiation, I also offer industry-specific coaching services in marketing and brand management, technology, healthcare, financial services, Fortune 100s and 200s, and startups. Sound like the right fit? I'd love to hear from you! So whether you're just beginning your career, moving into a new leadership role, know exactly where you want to go, or just feel like you’re stuck in a rut, I'm here to help. I really look forward to the opportunity to work as your mentor!

Your career should fit within your life--not the other way around!

Get to Know Me

Current Position
Marketing Consultant, Career Coach & Adjunct Professor for Career Preparation, Humana, Never Settle Coaching, Loyola University Chicago
Previous Positions
Sr Associate Brand Manager, Capital One July 2009 - July 2013
Marketing Manager, Hubzu.com August 2013 - January 2016
BA - University of Virginia


"Jane gave me amazing career advice, before our session she contacted me to ask me what I want to focus on to best utilize our time. She broke down what I needed to do in order to be successful and take that next step in my career path, when I was so desperately stuck. The advice she gave me has allowed me to take that next step. I would highly recommend working with Jane! "
- Anonymous, 27 Mar. 13, 2017
"Jane is awesome - she gave me actionable items (homework!) to work towards. She had good advice on creating career goals and motivating/focusing on what career/job is best for me. Excited for our next session on how to tackle applying to jobs outside of my current industry."
- Katie A. , 26 Jan. 27, 2017
"Jane is absolutely wonderful. With her high level of organization and knowledge of the marketing industry, she made the most our session time and truly focused on my needs. Following my session with Jane, I feel prepared and excited to begin my job search in a new career arena that I was so terrified to explore before. Additionally, I appreciate the timely follow up notes and action items she provided following our session. I am looking forward to checking in with Jane in the next 6 months. Invest in yourself, and make an appointment. You won’t be disappointed!"
- Alicia P. , 29 Jan. 17, 2017
"Jane was born to answer interview questions. At one point in the session Jane did a small role paly as me in an interview - completely blew my mind the way she took all of my experience and rephrased it to promoting myself. I am the person who freezes up in interview situations and have a hard time speaking highly of myself. Jane helped me realize all of the work I have already put in, and she put it into actions. One of my favorite tips she shared with me, "Tip: Think about a job posting as a problem the company has, and you are the answer." My biggest concern was walking away still questioning what to do next, but with Jane's follow up "homework" and goal setting tips - I am set up for success. "
- Kristie R. , 24 Oct. 18, 2016
"I really enjoy working with Jane and appreciate the insight, feedback and action items she provides. "
- Catherine M. , 27 Sep. 27, 2016
"First and foremost, I'd like to mention that Jane is incredibly skilled, an astute professional and a natural at career coaching. She is simply the best I've encountered at this point. The session I had with Jane was very thorough and she really helped me to think about my career in a different way. I will also admit that I was quite skeptical at first to work with a career coach. However, that has all changed after talking with Jane. I was very satisfied with the service I received and I will certainly be working with Jane again (very soon)!"
- Justin W. , 29 Sep. 27, 2016
"My session with Jane was exactly what I needed to begin my new job search and discover a career path I can be excited about. Jane was friendly, upbeat, positive, open, honest, and an active listener. I loved that Jane spoke to me about goal settings and provided me with a follow-up email after our session. In the email, Jane summarized our discussion and provided assignments for me to complete to help me continue with my journey. I am going to schedule additional sessions to continue working with Jane. "
- Catherine M. , 27 Aug. 11, 2016