This Tool Will Help You Negotiate Your Salary (i.e. Earn More Money)

How to Use Glassdoor's Know Your Worth Tool
You’ve read Lean In, you’ve studied our negotiation articles, and once you land that job offer you will be ready to negotiate for a higher salary. There’s no stopping you!
But just because you know you need to negotiate doesn’t mean you’re looking forward to it. Negotiating your salary is always going to feel a little awkward even though it is a totally normal part of the job hunting process.

Part of what makes the experience so uncomfortable is your uncertainty about the salary you should be fighting for. What if what you think is a great number is actually underselling yourself? Are you planning to pitch too high of a number just to be turned down?

While ultimately only you know what the right number is for you, some basic transparency is crazy helpful. Thankfully, Glassdoor’s got you. They recently launched their free Know Your Worth tool that will help you learn your market value and also hopefully balance the wage gap, increase pay transparency, and help employees earn more.


Users provide information such as employer, location, salary, title, and other basic information about themselves. Don’t worry, the entire process is completely anonymous and only takes about a minute (we timed it). Once you’ve input your information, the tool spits out a few numbers—namely what your market value is and how much you are being underpaid or overpaid by.

The more people provide information, the better and more diverse the results will be. As the tool is still new, not everyone will be able to get their market value until more information has been input. If this is the case for you, you can opt into an email that will alert you when your value is available.


If you are faced with the unfortunate realization that you are being underpaid, Know Your Worth shows you relevant job listings in your area where you can earn a higher salary. You can also check out the salaries of jobs outside of your industry and see if you want to make a career change. If you are tempted to make a switch, play around with their “Salary Explorer” tool that lets you adjust different factors to see how they influence your potential salary such as living in a different city or having more experience.


Tread lightly when using this tool to backup your desire for a raise or a higher salary offer. Know Your Worth, while helpful, might not be strong enough evidence to argue for a higher salary all by itself. It is a great jumping off point to give you an idea of what you should be earning, but back it up with actual evidence of what your peers in similar roles are making.

We know it will be uncomfortable to talk about, but if you can find someone in your industry and your location with similar experience who will share their salary with you, then you will have a better argument for what you should be making. You also need to have personal evidence to back you up. Gather any data you can about past successes, projects and your workload and be prepared to present this information.


Check in on your value every once in awhile, as it changes weekly based on the job opportunities in your area. Even if you aren’t job hunting keep an eye on this number to make sure you are being fairly compensated at work and use this information to guide you during conversations about a raise with your manager.

Glassdoor plans to account for gender and education in future iterations of this tool, which will ideally make it easier for women to negotiate their salaries since we know that women are 25% less likely than men to get a raise when they ask for it.

Once you are armed with your market value, check out our best tips for negotiating and get ready to make it rain. 

Our best negotiating tips:

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