The 31-Day Career Detox Every Woman Can Accomplish

The 31-Day Detox Every Career Woman Needs...Right Now
by Career Contessa
December 30, 2016
These are real resolutions. Not the kind that you make January 1 only to drop them by mid-February. These are the attainable, small-scale, realistic commitments every woman can make to clean up her career.
You can use this list in one of several ways. You can commit to completing one goal every day, going in the order we've suggested. Or you can print it out and cross each one off in any random order that suits your schedule. You can even tackle a handful of these in one Saturday. It's really a buyer's market—pick the process that suits you.
By the way, this isn't like your typical green juice detox, where eating a rice cake constitutes falling off the wagon. You're not required to finish every one of the items on this list or to start over if you miss one. Because think about it: even if you only manage to complete five or six of these tasks, you've still made major strides toward an easier and more fulfilling career path. Ready? 

31 Days, 1 action item per day

1. Let's start easy: don't open Instagram today.

2. Go through your LinkedIn connections and remove anyone you don't recognize or no longer have a real and useful connection with.

3. Find your current resume and cover letter templates on your computer and organize them all into one folder on your desktop. Delete any outdated versions by searching "resume" in your files.

4. Send "touch base" emails to eight people in your network. Because everyone's pleased when you wish them a Happy New Year.

5. Unsubscribe from three newsletters you no longer open. But maybe also sign up for Career Contessa's emails to keep the useful career advice coming.

6. Set aside a full hour to take an online class. There are plenty of courses you can find for free on different topics—even watching a handful of YouTube videos on a work-related topic can't hurt—or you can go nuts and sign up for a Skillshare membership to enroll in as many courses as you like.

7. Turn off push notifications on your phone for 24 hours. Then consider keeping them off for a week.

8. Install those pesky yet recommended Macbook updates. And, hey, update your phone while you're at it. 

9. Plan a girl date and don't talk about work. 

10. Plan another girl date and don't talk smack about any other woman, even if she's your most obnoxious coworker. 

11. Reread your LinkedIn summary. Is it still accurate for your 2017 goals? Is it too long? Just for the challenge, cut one full sentence from it. (For the overachiever, watch our LinkedIn Optimization webinar)

12. Good morning! Before you open Instagram or your work email, spend 15 minutes reading for fun. 

13. Update your resume. Cut down any descriptions of older positions that aren't related to your current career goals. 

14. Set an alarm clock instead of using your phone because tonight, you're leaving your phone in another room. 

15. Delete any apps you haven't used in the last month.

16. Practice saying "No." It's much harder than you think. Start by watching our webinar

17. Clean and organize your desk. 

18. Call a strong woman in your life (moms are great, as are grandmothers, but so are retiree neighbors and/or formal mentors) and talk to them about how they found their path.

19. Really figure out your monthly budget

20. Get outside. 

21. Unfollow people on Facebook who post political rants or comments that upset you, especially after the year we've had. It's both an emotional drain and undermining your creative productivity. 

22. Write a letter to yourself about your goals and plan to reread it next January. 

23. Clean out your closet. Give any old work clothes to Goodwill—especially the ones you never wear but keep because they were expensive.

24. Chances are you've got some time off saved up from last year so brainstorm your next vacation. It doesn't have to be far away or long. If you're feeling particularly daring, plan a vacation you take alone. 

25. Organize your work and personal email folders. 

26. Change up your commute. 

27. Sign up for a class or watch a TED talk on a topic you've never explored before. Taking a basket weaving class counts.

28. Eat vegetarian today and/or pack a wholesome lunch. 

29. Connect with an old coworker for lunch or a drink. Ask them if there's anything you can do to help them.

30. Reach out to someone about an informational interview

31. Start a work journal

What are some other tasks you'd like to complete this January?