Best Apps for Working Women
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Best Apps for Working Women

by Sarah Woehler
Photos Anda Marie | April 10, 2015


It’s pretty amazing that we used to get by with just a clunky DayTimer, our handwritten to-do lists (though I still rely on those!), and a wrist watch, what with all of the amazing apps that now exist—many of which are seamlessly synched between our smartphones, tablets, and computers!  

While recent research has indicated that multi-tasking reduces efficiency, 65% of respondents in a recent survey believe that increased reliance on technology has made people more productive than they were three years ago.

Keeping that in mind, we decided to round up our favorites! Here is an overview of the five best productivity-inducing apps (in our humble opinion) for today’s working women:

1. Pocket

One of the veterans of the app market, Pocket was founded back in 2007 “[t]o help people save interesting articles, videos and more from the web for later enjoyment.” What makes this app particularly appealing is that it serves as a personal aggregate, allowing you to quickly store useful online tidbits for when you have the time to read them. Unlike Pinterest, which is more about finding inspiration and collecting pretty visuals, Pocket makes bookmarking functional and efficient. Also handy is the Send to Friend option, so you can share anything you save with your buddies and colleagues.  For working women on the go, it serves as a convenient catch-all for collecting resources in one place.


An acronym for “If This Then That”, this clever app allows you to perform an action based on a related previous action. For example, you can create an IFTTT “Recipe” that says that if you post a photo on Instagram, that photo will then be saved to Dropbox. The intuitive nature of this app allows you to create “Recipes” based on your desired use of your phone or device, while also letting you view the helpful Recipes that other users have created. As phones increasingly become our computers-on-the-go,  to have an app that allows us to perform a multitude of functions at once is not only handy but necessary.

3. Timeful

A melding of the words “time” and “mindful”, Timeful is the brainchild of significant scientific research and testing, resulting in a highly useful time-management app that tracks how often we do the things we want to do and when. The app provides measured insights so that we can be more mindful of our time, and plan better based on our habits and schedule. This is a particularly helpful app for those of us who wonder why we don’t get to yoga class as often as we’d like. With Timeful, we can capture the direct data of how we spend our days, allowing us to understand where and how to make shifts to improve efficiencies and/or get to Tuesday night yoga more regularly.

Timeful provides measured insights so that we can be more mindful of our time, and plan better based on our habits and schedule. This is a particularly helpful app for those of us who wonder why we don’t get to yoga class as often as we’d like.

4. Cloze

This app keeps your friends and colleagues “Cloze”—pun intended. By automatically keeping track of all of your social media sites and email accounts, as well as your phone calls, Cloze is akin to having a personal assistant who reminds you who that executive from such-and-such consulting firm was and the kinds of communications you have had with people. Also handy is the Social Media Manager, which organizes your feeds based on your favorite peeps, rather than by who posted that last cat video. As someone who enjoys networking in my new city, this app helps me keep track of everybody I meet, and is incredibly user-friendly and fun.

5. LastPass

Trying to recall various passwords for all of your online accounts can become a job in and of itself. Thankfully, LastPass has offered to take full responsibility by singlehandedly committing them to memory. LastPass allows you to save login information for the sites that you browse, so that you won’t ever have to enter a password again. Using “leading encryption technology and local-only decryption”, the app is super secure—ensuring that your data is only accessible by you—and is seamless across all devices. A insecure paper list of passwords is now unnecessary with this handy app.  

With all of the apps in existence (and others being developed all the time), it’s difficult to glean which ones are actually useful. These apps are sure to make your work and home life more efficient. They have for me!

Photos: Pocket & Cloze