10 Things Every 30-Year-Old Knows to Spend Money On

10 Investments Every 30-Year-Old Knows Are Worth the Money
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If there's one thing you learn in your twenties, it's to never apologize for doing what you need to do to get ahead.
Whether that means taking on a few side hustles or prioritizing work projects over happy hours, you're on it. And the best part? You rarely need to sacrifice anything. Thanks to that youthful energy, you're still willing to meet friends for a nightcap at 10PM on a Thursday before tomorrow's 8AM meeting. Life is good, and you're having fun, even if you feel a little broke a couple times a month. 

But slowly, your tolerance wanes and you find yourself less and less willing to do the things you didn't give a second thought about doing at 20. Couch surfing? No, thank you. You'll happily pay for that Airbnb. Here are 10 other things on which you should be willing to spend your hard-earned money by the time you're 30. 


Because if you haven’t discovered what happens when you don’t get them on time, you’re thousands of dollars richer than some of us. 


Like oil changes...but for your face. In your twenties, you regularly dropped $20 at the drugstore on cheap mascara and lipstick. Now that you're older and wiser, you realize that your money’s better spent taking care of your own skin. Because this season’s lip color will come and go, but your pores are forever. 


By 30, you probably know half a dozen people with break-in horror stories—ransacked apartments and stolen cash stashes, beloved leather jackets or, worst of all, personal laptops (that's your life right there). It’s a scary world out there. Renters insurance? You know you need it. It costs next to nothing, and you can bundle it with your car insurance. Easy.


Yes, we’re talking therapy in one form or another. By now, you know your sticking points, sore spots, and neurotic tendencies. You also know that: 1. they’re worth working on, and 2. you don’t have to do everything on your own. So schedule that mentor session to delve deeper into why you haven’t landed a promotion yet (too shy about speaking in office meetings, maybe?) or that therapy session to discuss your latest break-up. Your thirties are about discovering the truest, healthiest version of yourself.


How many times have you had a fight with your significant other about a messy kitchen? Plus at 30, you’re allowed to say you’re too old for deep-cleaning a toilet. 


Even in an exorbitantly priced city like New York or San Francisco, the financial rule is that you can spend 40-50% on rent. By the time you’re 30, you know that some well-deserved private space is worth sacrificing a few nights out at overpriced restaurants or an ongoing shoe habit. So treat yourself by signing a lease on a roommate-free rental. (Just don’t forget to insure it.)


Yes, $25 or $50 to check a bag is so exorbitant it’s actually offensive. But while your twenties were about showing The Man what's what by squeezing all your lotions and toothpaste and BB creams into a teensy Ziploc bag, enough’s enough. Pack everything you need in your sizable dopp kit and check it. You can find other ways to protest the system—like volunteering at an animal shelter or getting involved in a political campaign. And hey, if that ticketing line is long? You're old enough to use (and tip!) a curbside skycap. 


The college years ended almost a decade ago. Maybe you put down the books for a year or two while you were getting your career started. But now? If you don't invest in lifelong learning and growing as a human, you're just kind of boring. Hello 30, hello night classes. And because you’re a grown-up putting your own money into your education, you can study whatever you please. So go ahead, take that ceramics class.  


‘Cause we’re never lifting a freaking dresser again. 


Stop fighting for limited parking spots. The reality is that you’ve probably paid more in tickets for overstaying your welcome at meters than you’d have paid for valet in total ever. Oh, and while we’re on the subject: you are officially too old to risk a subway ride home after 11, to struggle to work on a bus when you have a bunch of presentation materials to carry, or to drive home when you’ve had more than a glass of wine. Uber.

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