WEBINAR: How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome

WEBINAR: How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome
Impostor Syndrome prevents us from snagging more opportunities than a rejection ever will.
Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “They’d never pay me what I want” or “Even though I know I could do the job, it will be impossible to convince them”? Do you find yourself returning every compliment you receive with self-deprecating humor? If so, this would be the webinar for you.

Join our webinar with Career Contessa Mentor Kim Wensel. Kim's a personal branding and career strategist who helps women find more meaningful work through career changes. One common theme Kim finds with all of her clients is that they’re "playing small." The fear of failure makes us believe that if we lay low, we face minimal risks—we won’t fail, won’t embarrass ourselves, and won’t face uncomfortable situations. But there’s a better way to face uncertainty in our careers.


  • Understanding impostor syndrome and how it shows up in your life
  • The connection between fear and progress
  • Learning to take risks in your career
  • 4 steps to overcoming impostor syndrome