WEBINAR: 7 Practices To Jump-Start Better Work-Life Balance

The 7 Practices You Need To Jump-Start Better Work-Life Balance
by Lauren McGoodwin
February 01, 2017
Are you happy at work? Does your after-hours lifestyle leave you feeling uplifted or just drained? Is it possible to find a balance between the two?
Join our WEBINAR with Maxie McCoy and Latham Thomas to learn how to kickstart your way to better work-life balance. 

Make this the year you seek excellence in your life and career! The best way to start? Develop healthy lifestyle practices now that will keep you grounded, confident, and happy—and that will help you take your career by storm. 

Latham Thomas, founder of Mama Glow and LathamThomas.com, and Maxie McCoy, writer and founder of MaxieMcCoy.com, will guide you through seven practices you can integrate right now (seriously, immediately) to shift your outlook and approach toward your career and life. They're simple, directly actionable, and they'll help you excel in your career and keep you healthy, focused, and centered.


  • The 7 practices you can integrate right now 
  • How to form new patterns for excellence
  • Action items for each of these practices to help you thrive in your life and career