Webinar: How to Leverage Your Professional Network to Grow Your Career
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WEBINAR: How to Build and Leverage Your Network for Career Success

We hear often that networking is an art, but that leaves many of us uncertain about what that really means—and if it's an "art" that can be learned or improved.

It also leaves us asking lots of questions like "How do I meet people?" "What are some good techniques to follow up to get a response?" "How do I actually get an informational interview?"A lot of the time, we are so afraid of 'putting ourselves out there', that we never do anything at all and our network grows stale and dated, so that when it comes time to change careers or jobs, we're at a loss for what to do. 

If this sounds familiar, then join our webinar to hear from Certified Professional Coach, and Career Contessa Mentor, Jill Ozovek.

Jill will take you through the approaches and scripts for getting an introduction, and following up gracefully! This webinar is great as a refresher for someone who has been out networking for a while or for someone just getting started. 


  • Ideas for how to 'wake up' your network and get started
  • Tips and scripts to ask your colleague for the intro
  • Techniques to get that meeting or informational interview that you haven't thought of
  • Ideas for connecting - how to actually build rapport
  • Ways to follow up that aren't annoying