The Best Way To Structure Your Resume

The Best Way To Structure Your Resume
by Lauren McGoodwin
Photos Joe Kathrina | November 21, 2014

“I have a resume question. How long should I leave jobs on my resume? Or rather, how many should I list? Right now I just have enough so that it is a page total (including contact info and education above and additional qualifications below). Also, I had three internships in the 2013-2014 school year because it was required for my degree. Should I list all of them on my resume? I didn’t have a paid job during this time, but I’m afraid it looks cluttered and like I jumped around from job to job (even though they were for a set length of time).”

- Kristen, New York

I like to split resume experience into two categories: related experience and additional experience. Related experience should include any past professional experience that relates or showcases skills included in the job you’re applying to. List these in chronological order with bullet points that elaborate on what you did and your results. Don’t worry that you haven’t included every job—that’s the point!

Next, list jobs under additional experience that you think should be included, but don’t directly relate or showcase skills for the job you’re applying for. These jobs should be listed in chronological order, but you don’t need to include bullet points.

Focus less on the number of jobs you list and more on the story your resume tells. The ultimate goal is to present yourself as the best possible candidate for the position at hand.

And remember: always look to the information given in the job description for guidance!