The Freelance Slump: How to Revamp Your Work At Home Routine

The Freelance Slump: How to Revamp Your Work At Home Routine
by Lisa Crocco
September 13, 2016
Summer's over, and that's true for you too, freelancers. Sorry for the tough love, but here's the upside: we've got tips for revving yourself for a productive fall. 
Throughout the summer, I’ll receive Snapchats from friends longingly looking out the window of their high-rise office building towards the lake with the caption “Wish I could be @ the beach.” And I respond back with a selfie of me actually at the beach with the caption, “Working from the beach today” just to fuel their fire.

See, as remote workers, we have the freedom to do a lot of things that 9-to-5ers wish they could be doing, but sometimes we aren’t always great at taking advantage of those opportunities since we get stuck in our comfortable daily routines.

But as summer comes to an end, the vacation season does, too, and suddenly it starts to feel like you're getting stuck in the same routines. This fall, why not implement one or two new tactics to give your routine a much-needed facelift? 

Stop Being A Couch Potato

As a freelance remote worker, I am guilty of working from the comfort of my couch way too often. It’s just so tempting to conduct my work surrounded by pillows and blankets with Gilmore Girls on in the background. And even though it’s comfy, it’s probably not as productive as it should be. If that sounds like your normal routine, then try opting for some other at home workspaces or tools to mix things up.

There have been a number of studies on the benefits of standing desks while at work. Try creating your own standing desk or invest in a product like the Wurf Board, which is an anti-fatigue mat that encourages micro movements to help you stand (and work) for longer. And since it helps to improve posture, while strengthening your feet, legs, core, and back, you are getting your work and workout accomplished at once -- score!

Too intense for you? Here are some other ways you can beat the work from home blues and mix up your routine, suggestions from joining a remote work office space or taking a walk during your lunch/break time.

Expand Your Knowledge

Since summertime and early fall are often a bit slow for remote and freelance workers, now is a good opportunity to take advantage of that free time. Learning should be a lifelong commitment, no matter what stage of your life or career you may be in. Which is why joining in on webinars, listening to podcasts, taking online classes (or even in-person), and browsing through your shelves to read up on new subjects, will not only fill your time, but also your mind.

We host webinars with incredible women who offer their career advice and mentorship that you can sign-up for. The recaps are archived so if you sign up, you can access the webinar any time after it airs. Maybe start with: “How To Become An Effective Negotiator—And Get What You Want.”  

Also, consider taking an online course to learn a new skill or further your knowledge on a subject. We recommended Skillshare awhile back as a great platform to learn creative skills in just 15 minutes per day. 

get Out of the Office

If you are feeling stuck in your office (A.K.A. your kitchen table) and need a change of scenery, then it's time to take remote working to another level. Being a remote worker allows you to pretty much work from anywhere—so why not take advantage. Consider booking a trip (or a series of trips) during your summer to change up your routine, not to mention your view.

To help plan your travel destinations, you will need to do some research on the best places for remote workers. Some countries and cities are more remote worker friendly than others. Once you pick one or two destinations you want to venture to, then make sure you book a hotel on a reputable website, like Travel Ticker, which allows you to search and book hotels that are safe and have access to Wi-Fi -- two things that are absolute musts for solo remote work travelers. Or if scouting for funky places to stay on Airbnb is more your style, then start your search there. Either way, make sure you book a trip to a destination which will allow for equal parts productivity and work, and equal parts fun and exploring.
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Are you a remote worker who has found innovative ways to mix up your daily routine? Share with us your tips and tricks!
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