Link Love: Sites to Help You Build Your Personal Brand

Link Love: Sites to Help You Build Your Personal Brand
by Jherell Drain
December 29, 2015


We’ve talked a lot about building your personal brand and even protecting it on social media. It’s evident: maintaining your personal brand takes work, time, and skill. While you juggle it all, check out these sites for further resources, insights, and inspiration.


We all know that the job market is competitive. So the question remains: What sets you apart from the rest? {Click to TweetThe Personal Branding Blog has articles, podcasts, reports, and more to help you define (and show off) your unique brand.

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Another Option: The Brand Gals, a boutique personal branding consultancy that offers a variety of services from an entire personal branding package to photoshoots. They've also got a great workshop on Instagram for entrepreneurs. 


How many times have you heard that the road to success is never a straight line? The Grindstone provides professionals with resources to learn new skills, hear fresh insights, and even vent common frustrations.

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Another Option: Quarterlette, a site that recognizes that our 20s and 30s aren't always as simple as our parents have us believe.


It doesn’t matter if it’s during the morning or afternoon, most of us are in constant need of a coffee break (or two) during the day. Your Coffee Break is an online lifestyle magazine for professional women covering topics ranging from fashion and beauty, to career management—aka more thought-provoking reads than what you're usually reading on your actual coffee break. 

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Another Option: For another all-inclusive package, hit up Career Girl Daily, which covers...pretty much anything you can think of.  

How many times have you heard that the road to success is never a straight line?


We all have dreams. Think: Mama Glow Founder Latham Thomas, who followed her dream to became a doula, best-selling author, and founder of her own wellness site for expectant and new mothers.

Whether it’s to start your own wellness site or advance the corporate ladder, The Everygirl is filled with resources to help you achieve whatever dreams you have.

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Another Option: Ivanka Trump's site offers great insight on self-marketing straight from a woman who's mastered the process (plus other empowered career women, too) 


With the holidays approaching, finances become even more of a potential source of stress. Part of the DailyWorth’s mission is to provide a remedy, in the form of guides, for everything money-related including career tips.

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Another Option: Fast Company is also great resource for advice on virtually every professional topic including personal branding, career growth, and other thought-provoking, unexpected life tips. 


Your resume already lists your most marketable skills, but what about the ones you want to improve? That’s where Skillshare comes in. Users can either sign up for a free membership to gain access to select classes, or pay for a premium membership to access the kit and caboodle. 

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Another option: We're also huge fans of Skillcrush, which offers some great digital classes as well. 


The Muse is a one-stop shop for advice, personalized career help and a behind-the-scenes look at opportunities at various companies. For those of us in pursuit of a career that we love, The Muse is the place to go.

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Other Options: Try LinkedIn's Pulse blog for some smart, expansive professional advice to complement your job hunt. 

Your resume already lists your most marketable skills, but what about the ones you want to improve on?


We can all agree that the divide between life and work isn't so black-and-white. Ladypreneur League understands that. Visit the website for advice from like-minded women. Ladypreneur offers workshops, events, e-courses, and a strong girl squad style community.

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Another Option: Her Agenda. This suggestion goes out to all the millennial women trying to bridge the gap between ambition and advancement. 


Whether you’re looking for your necessary dose of #MondayMotivation or relevant career-related articles, Levo League has what you’re looking for. By joining and making a profile on the site, you can expand your network, make connections and show off your brand.

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Another Option: We love Levo's networking events, which take place in multiple cities. Create + Cultivate brings similar opportunities to women in the form of regular conferences and workshops led by powerful creative women in various fields. 


Don’t forget about us, you know? We provide honest insight and advice concerning life and work from our own community of professional women. Peruse our women-focused articles, learn more about our featured Contessas for inspiration, or try our new Hire An Expert platform to hash out all your career-related ideas and concerns. 

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Another Option: Like us, Bossed Up is all about encouraging women to reach ongoing, sustainable success in their careers. Because "finding a job" is a much smaller part of the process that we like to think.  

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Did we miss any other helpful sites? Tell us what sites you use for building your brand in the comments.