New Year, New Career Contessa

Meet the new Career Contessa, a Career Site for Women
In the wise words of Taylor Swift, “This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change."
Well, my friends, things are definitely changing around here. I couldn't be more excited to finally reveal what the CC team has been working on over the last six months!

Meet the new Career Contessa. We've changed our look, but not our dedication to the women out there who, like us, want to own their careers and their day-to-day lives. We've also added what we hope will be exciting and useful services and features.

In a second, I'm going to explain to anyone who's painfully curious exactly what we now offer (trust me, there are a plenty). But before I go there, enough about us—let's talk about you and a treat we have in store for you...

...Surprise! It's a giveaway

We wanted to celebrate the new "us" with our readers, but we can't pop champagne with you all, obviously. So instead we settled for something we hope you'll like even more: a massive giveaway to the tune of about...$500 worth of freebies.

Our New Year, New Career Giveaway includes access to our first-ever e-course, a career counseling session with one of our mentors, a resume edit, gift cards to help you get flashy for your next interview, and a few other surprises. Enter below:

Still reading? Great. Let me introduce you to each new CC feature:

1. Our New Look

Every girl loves a makeover story, and Career Contessa is no different. Give us an up-and-down. We think we look pretty chic. The biggest change is that we added a homepage that, well, functions like a homepage. You can now navigate to each section of our site—Advice, Interviews, Jobs+Companies, or Professional Development—without feeling like you're on an endless scavenger hunt. (Scroll the homepage here)

2. Jobs and Companies 

We've been posting all the unique, under-the-radar, and enviable jobs to our board for awhile now. But now we'll also be showcasing what it's like to work at the companies that put women first. You can trust that we'll spare no details when it comes to giving you the inside scoop. Each company profile features photos of the workplace, company stats including the number of women holding its leadership positions, a list of the perks and benefits you'll find there, and most importantly, tips on what it takes to get hired straight from its hiring team. Once you determine your dream company, you can easily search their available jobs on Career Contessa, too. We're nothing if not thorough, right? (See them all here)

3. Webinars and Courses and Resources, Oh My!

Our job is to help you build a successful and fulfilling career, and that can't be done alone. We've put all of our professional development tools in one place, so no matter how you prefer to learn or what stage you're at in your career, you can find tools to help you achieve your goals. (Start learning right now)


Some things are staying the same around here like our "live webinars are awesome" policy. We'll still be hosting free webinars every month (make sure you're on our email list to be notified about each one!), and if you register before the live event you'll have free access to watch the replays.

But if you miss the free webinar registration period, you don't have to give up. You can now pay to watch all of our webinars on-demand for only $3.99. Come on, people—that's less than your daily Starbucks, and your contribution allows us to keep those webinar replays available forever. The Career Contessa community will thank you. (Watch them here

Bonus Tip

Don't forget to register for our next (free!) webinar: 3-Steps to Land Your Ideal Job at Your Dream Company.


Drumroll please...we launched the first official Career Contessa e-course! The *New* Job Search Strategy is a step-by-step approach that shows you how to stop applying for jobs like an amateur and rapidly advance your career by scoring a position that fits your goals, passions, and lifestyle.

The course will break down how to target specific companies and work your way in, rather than relying on a resume and crossed fingers. Did I mention that this is the strategy that took me from an admin desk job I hated to an incredible recruiter role at Hulu with no prior recruiting experience? Here's a list of what else you'll get when you enroll in the e-course:
  • 6 video tutorials with aha! moments that will dramatically change your job search success rate
  • 8 step-by-step worksheets that will help you take immediate action on each lesson
  • Lifetime access to all class materials
We'll be developing more courses throughout 2017 so if you've got an idea for one, feel free to share it with me: 

Downloadable Resources

The entire Career Contessa resource library is now in one, easy-to-navigate section. All the resources are free and designed to help you make progress with your career, life, and finances. Download one or download a dozen, then let them help you improve your career and life in every way. My personal favorite is the personal pitch worksheet... (Get all the resources right here)

4. One-on-one Career Counseling with Incredibly Successful (and Cool) Women

Of course, I had to save the best for last. We can pummel you with online advice all day, but nothing beats talking one-on-one with a real person—an increasingly rare thing in the digital age—who's been there, done that. They're the most qualified to help you create an action plan, so you're not blindly trying to figure out the best direction to take.

We know the reality of finding a person with the right expertise who's willing to talk can be difficult at best, and impossible (or just really expensive) at worst.

That's why Hire a Mentor, a one-on-one career counseling service that connects you with pre-vetted career mentors, coaches, and industry professional at affordable prices, is so important to us.

Why waste your time scrolling through Google searches when you can now easily find a perfect mentor on CC by filtering by expertise? We've got mentors from all over the place including companies like Uber and Facebook, entrepreneurs, creatives, financial industry higher-ups, you name it. And if you're unsure who you need? Just contact me, and I'll personally recommend the mentor best-suited for you. (See how Hire a Mentor can help you)

One Last Thing

I know change can be a lot, even when it's such a good change. So don't worry, there will still be plenty of the old, tried-and-true CC, including:
  • High-quality content. We promise to deliver unique insights you haven't heard 75,635 times already. We'll continue to track down expertise from experts and give you actionable articles on topics that matter.
  • Trustworthy, real talk. We'll never sugar coat a topic, recommend a person, product, or company we don't really believe in, or abuse the trust you've put in us to help you with your career. 
  • Diverse, honest voices. Careers (and what it means to be a woman) vary dramatically. We strive to represent unique voices on our site through interviews, bylines, and topics that speak to everyone in our audience. We'll continue to do so. Never hesitate to ask us to cover a topic, either. We want to hear from you.
  • Innovation and style. We know thinking about your career isn't always as exciting as that great street fashion blog or keeping up with the frontrunners at Sundance, but we promise to make sure we'll keep things fresh, relatable, and interesting around here. We're not your average (ahem, boring and stuffy) career site, and we intend to keep it that way.
  • Ladies, ladies, ladies. Yup, we'll continue to be an online career resource for women. You have enough shit to worry about. Worrying that your go-to career site is losing you as their focus shouldn't be one of them. We're in your corner, always.
We really hope that you love the new and improved Career Contessa and that we're living up to your expectations of what a career resource should be. You can let us know what we're doing well—or what we might be missing—in the comments below! Thank you for being part of the Career Contessa community and for always evolving with us.

Let us know what you think in the comments!