WEBINAR: Your GPS for Navigating Workplace Politics

WEBINAR: Your GPS for Navigating Workplace Politics
by Lauren McGoodwin
Photos Diana Zapata | October 19, 2016
No amount of years in a university can ever prepare you for the amount of navigation required to effectively embed yourself into an organization, build rapport, and cultivate influence.
Join our webinar with Career Contessa Mentor Angela R. Howard and learn about the unspoken and unwritten rules you'll want to keep high on your radar in order to make a positive impression and build relationships quickly.

Angela is a corporate manager and career coach that helps people discover purpose, generate personal growth, and experience genuine happiness in their work. Her own journey as a workplace psychologist and talent management leader at a Fortune 50 organization has fueled her passion with rigorous application around navigating success in the workplace. Basically, she's a pro at understanding the game of workplace politics.


  • Understanding how workplace politics can make or break your success at work.
  • Provide a "GPS" around spotting opportunities to master workplace politics and get ahead.
  • Tips on cultivating relationships and thinking outside your own defaults to build better relationships and get things done.