Morning Routine: Kindergarten Teacher
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Morning Routine: Kindergarten Teacher


As kindergarten-age students, most of us remember picking out tomorrow's outfit and considering the next day's lunch before hitting the sheets. As it turns out, the lifestyle and routine of a working teacher isn't all that different!

For Meg Mikhail, an Oakton Elementary Kindergarten Teacher, her success is based on her ability to prep ahead and get the earliest of early starts each day. In case you're curious to know how the semester-based routine of a modern-day educator works, scroll on to hear Meg's story!

Your schedule as a teacher must require a lot of pre-planning! What are your strategies for getting off on the right foot first thing in the morning?

The earlier, the better! I try to convince myself that I have to be at work at least half an hour (or more) before I actually have to be there. Once I have that time in mind, that's when I aim to get to work each day. I definitely like getting to school while it's still quiet and there aren't as many distractions. It also helps to have as much ready as possible the night before. I'm usually pretty good at picking out my outfit, packing my lunch and getting my school bag together in the fall. I always start to get lazy once the end of school rolls around, so I've been doing most of that in the morning lately!

Do you feel more productive or less productive in the morning? Why do you think that is?

I think I'm generally more productive in the morning. I feel like I'm fresh and ready to go in the morning. The morning also is the easiest time to get things done at school—especially if you can get there before most of the other teachers. Once people start popping into the room to ask questions, it's hard to get much done!

What's the first thing you always do in the morning? When do you actually get down to business?

Pathetically, the first thing I do when I get up is look at my email, Facebook, Instagram, and Bloglovin while convincing myself to get out of bed. Looking at my email gives me a heads up if there are any important emails I need to get to once I get to school, and glancing at Facebook, Instagram, and Bloglovin is my 3-minute "treat" before getting out of bed and starting my day. 

If you want to know about the time I get to work, I pretty much hit the ground running. Once I get to school, I check my email and start getting my lesson plans ready for the day. I spend the rest of the morning making copies, preparing supplies for activities for the day, answering emails, tracking down other staff members, and anything else I have to get done before the kids get there. Once the kids get there, there's not a lot of down time!

Since we imagine that your work load varies depending on the school season, how do you fill your morning routine during the summer? How is it different when school is in session?

My summer morning routine is very different from my work day routine. I have my work day routine down since I get up pretty early and don't want to waste any time! It's shower, makeup, hair, grab breakfast and lunch, and out the door! However, it's completely different in the summer. I really love sleeping in, so I don't usually set an alarm in the summer if I don't have to. I like to take my time getting up, drink some coffee, and read a book.

How do you take your coffee? Or tea? Or cereal? Tell us about your morning diet and how you think it effects the rest of your day?

I love coffee and tea—with lots of cream and sugar! I am really bad at eating well in the mornings. I generally don't take the time to before I leave for school because I'm usually not hungry and I don't want to take the extra time to eat at home! I usually take coffee or tea to drink in the car on my commute to work. I frequently grab a granola bar to eat in the car on the way. If I'm really on top of it, I might bring oatmeal to eat once I get to school. I really should eat a more substantial breakfast, but I hate wasting time to prepare food and eat it in the morning!