I Saved $87 in Two Weeks—Without Trying

How to Save Money Without Trying
by Kit Warchol
Photos Bloguettes | December 23, 2016
$87.42. As of writing this, that's precisely what I've saved without even blinking in the past two weeks.
I've mentioned before how terrible I am about financial organization and avoiding binge spending at Madewell sales. I work hard. I'm young. That's the perfect equation for "treat yourself," right? But recently I've started really thinking about finances and where I want them to take me long-term and, this year, I'm ready to start diversifying the way I take charge of money-in and money-out. 

Truth: I'm nothing if not a natural quitter. Training for a 10k? That went out the window with a bad head cold. Giving up sugar? That lasted until I found out that wine counts (I mean...who wrote those rules?). So this whole financial maturity thing has been a tricky business. But then, thanks to a friend who is equally terrible about her spending habits (or for the sake of spin, believes in living life to the fullest without confines), I discovered something magical.

It's called Digit.

It's free.

And you're welcome. 

If you're one of those people obsessed with Venmo (right there with you), this is the money app for you. Hook up your bank account, then bounce. Digit slips off with a certain number of dollars every two to three days based—realistically—on your budget. Each morning, you'll get this friendly text updating you on the current state of your finances (today's was: "Yo Kit, your checking account balance is...[Ok, but I'm not actually telling you]"). If you're living paycheck-to-paycheck, disappearing money might sound daunting, but there's also a guarantee against overdrafts. And you can cash out your savings account whenever you're ready.
Sure, all this artificial intelligence is kind of terrifying, but you can't argue with the perks of mindlessly padding your savings.
Sure, all this artificial intelligence is kind of terrifying, but you can't argue with the perks of mindlessly padding your savings. I should mention the downside: the money you save on Digit isn't collecting interest (if you want that option, maybe consider going old school, opening a more traditional savings account with automatic transfers).

Now that I'm feeling super empowered, I'm all about keeping the momentum by exploring all the other money-saving apps to knock my bank account into shape for 2016. Yes, even I could succeed in a save money challenge. Maybe I'll even start training for that 10k again...maybe.

What other sneaky money-saving apps do you use? Let us in on it in the comments!