5 Little-Known Job Search Sites
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5 Little-Known Job Search Sites

Because sometimes finding that perfect job isn't about who you know—it's about which secret job boards you visit.


For Jobs Working With Career Women Like You

Every week, we publish interviews with women working at rad companies or running their own startups. And frequently, those women reach back out to us when they have an job opening at work. That's when we publish said openings to our Jobs page. Women helping women help women. 

For Creative Career Opportunities, Hustling, + Freelancing

ilovecreatives is an incredible resource for professionals across various specialized industries, thus living up to its self-proclaimed title: "Digital Classifieds for Creatives." You'll find all sorts of great stuff on the site, including job listings from companies looking for innovative people just like you. It's especially useful for graphic designers, multimedia professionals, web savvy writers, and digital marketers, but honestly? You never know what you might find. And don't forget to subscribe to their newsletter—then those job postings just drop in your inbox on the regular. Easy. 


For The Word-of-Mouth Vibe

Designlovefest's Jobs page may look rudimentary, but trust: it's pure gold. When one of Bri Emery's friends tells her about a position at their company, she adds them to a running list on her blog. And Bri has a lot of cool friends. You'll find positions here that aren't posted anywhere else, especially if you're in Los Angeles (where DLF is based), but there are occasional postings from other cities as well. 


For The Cool Kid Job Seeker

It's no secret we're big fans of Create & Cultivate founder, Jaclyn Johnson around here, especially because she's dedicated to helping other women out. That's where the C&C Classifieds come in—a curated list of openings across the nation at companies you'll be proud to list on your resume. You'll need to enter your email address to get access, but lady oh lady, it's worth it. You'll unlock access to jobs at Pandora, Airbnb, Mailchimp...are you staring off into space longingly yet? 

5. Instagram

(And Sometimes Snapchat, Too)

This is not a cop-out, we swear. Increasingly, companies are posting their openings on social media first. We watched fashion darling, Everlane put out a hiring call a couple of weeks ago—applicants had to submit a Snap story to be considered. Pick your favorite companies and follow them on all the social channels to get alerted first when something opens up. {click to tweet} Some recruiting departments even have their own accounts (@NastyGalCareers is one of our favorites) so make sure you do a little research. If you know the company you'd like to wind up at, this is a great place to start. 
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Know any other great job boards? Help a girl out. Get at us in the comments.