WEBINAR: How to Turn Your Side Hustle into A Full-Time Job

WEBINAR: How to Turn a Side Hustle into a Full-Time Career
by Lauren McGoodwin
November 02, 2016
Side hustle. Passion project. Weekend gig. Whatever you call it, this is what you dream about while you're grinding through your day job. But how do you actually go from daydreaming to a self-made income?
Whether you've already found your passion or have no idea where to start, we'll help you get a few steps closer during our webinar with Career Contessa Mentor, Cynthia Samanian. Cynthia knows a thing or two about turning side hustles into full-time jobs—she's currently doing exactly that with her company, Confetti Kitchen. Previously, Cynthia was a product manager at a tech startup but her love for cooking—and making cooking accessible to all— couldn't be shaken. 

Ditching your 9-to-5 to build your business full-time is no easy task. But with smart planning and plenty of hard work, it's definitely possible. Learn what it takes from someone who's been there and is already successfully doing that. You'll be glad you did.


  • Defining and exploring your passion. 
  • How to start your side hustle today.
  • 3 key questions you need to answer right now—to save yourself a huge headache later!