If You Follow These 4 Rules, You'll Stay Healthy on Your Work Trip

How to Stick to a Health Routine When Traveling for Work
by Kaitlyn Schiraldi
Photos Bloguettes | February 09, 2017
Traveling for work is a common occurrence for many of us, and it can be a bit jolting schedule-wise.
Time away typically means abandoning a fixed daily schedule, healthy meal prep, and regular exercise. And sticking to a 9-to-5 work day? Unlikely.

If you’re a regular traveler, chances are you know the standard advice (like “stick to a regular bedtime” and “pack healthy snacks to keep in your hotel room”). But to truly regain a normal balance, here are four additional ways to relieve stress and stay fit on a work trip that you probably haven’t considered.

1. Take a mental health break by unplugging on the plane

Like many businesswomen, most of my work needs to be done via dial-in conference lines, phoning clients, or meeting with colleagues. This means that for the duration of a plane ride I am not reachable for work. If that sounds familiar, use the time on the plane to read the novel that has been collecting dust on your bedside table, flip through a magazine, brainstorm the most insane ideas for the future, or try an adult coloring book. All are calming ways to make the most of the beauty of being unplugged.

2. Map out healthy food hotspots prior to departure to stay on track, yet experience a new city through food

Going to your company’s headquarters in New York City? Do some research on the best restaurants in the trendiest boroughs and find their healthiest option. Most restaurants have their menus online and can be accessed before setting foot in the door. This is a neat way to see a city through its most renowned food. It also ensures that you won’t end up ordering a pizza at 12am if work drinks run late.

Many mobile food apps allow access to pricing, menus, and sorting by location and type of food. We like HealthyOut for restaurants. You should also check and see whether there's a grocery store near your hotel or use Instacart in big cities to get food delivered.

Don’t let convenience and unfamiliarity with an area be an excuse for picking unhealthy food.

3. Take walking tours of new cities to increase calories burned

Many of us track our calories burned or steps walked through apps or devices. After spending a few days in the office on your business trip, spend the evenings (or the weekend depending on your work trip situation) on foot versus hailing cabs or Ubering. Many cities have walking tours that you can book in advance. Walking through a city means a slower pace—so you can better take in the surroundings—and it’s a way to clock some active time after a sedentary day of meetings. Just make sure to pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes to avoid blisters. Being practical beats fashionable any day when traversing a few miles across unfamiliar territory.

4. If There's No Hotel Gym, Work Out in the Hotel Room

Sometimes work trips take you to smaller towns that aren’t close to a thriving city, or to hotels sans a gym. If this is the case, don’t be afraid to work out in your hotel room. Thanks to YouTube, you’ve got thousands of videos to do yoga, Pilates, cardio, or even a quick ab workout right from your laptop. This is also a safe alternative to running outside alone in unfamiliar areas.

* * * 

Work trips can be filled with meetings, unfamiliar cities, and long days. Thanks to those stressors, using the down time between meetings is crucial. Don’t let traveling be a set back to the health commitment you've made to yourself.

How do you clear your head and get some exercise between meetings on a business trip?