The Best Job Sites for Freelance Work and Side Gigs

The Best Job Sites and Boards for Freelancers
Because every savvy woman knows that freelance work is the secret to success, right? We've got all the jobs from PR and marketing gigs to work from home opportunities. 
Between re-reading every article we posted during our #CCTMI on Everything You Need To Know About Freelancing & Hustling, as well as our Ultimate Guide to Money Making Side Gigs, Freelance Work, & Passion Projects, you are probably now an expert on everything relating to freelance and side hustles. You’re welcome.

And due to that flood of knowledge you have now acquired, you are confident and ready to start your own side hustle, take on a couple of side gigs, or even increase the amount of freelance work you take on. 

Finding the right gigs and work for you can be challenging, and it seems like every platform and third party matching service offers something a little bit different than the next one you find. The key is to really answer the question of what you are looking for in your next gig and then find the job board that hosts those types of opportunities. 

You may feel like you're ready to dive in right this second, but there are a couple things to note before you sign up for every freelance or side gig website or platform.


  • Are there fees associated with subscribing to their job board?
  • Are there fees associated with landing gigs and being compensated through their platform?
  • What are the requirements to creating a profile on the job board/platform?
  • How big/small is the pool of other side hustlers vying for the same jobs?
  • How often do they post new opportunities on the job board?
  • Does the job board/platform list more experienced work level or more intermediate?
  • How many gigs can you pitch to within a certain time frame?
  • Are there any tests or certifications you have to take/pass to have access to their jobs?
  • What is the community of the job board/platform like?
  • Are there any services to assist you if need be?
Once you have those questions in the back of your mind and ready to pose, it’s time to start looking through the job boards and websites. Here's a quick list of some of the best job boards and platforms to land freelance work or side gigs:

Public Relations/Marketing job sites

These platforms and websites tend to focus on more public relations, marketing, and more creative careers. If you are a current, former or aspiring creative then you should definitely check out, CloudPeeps, Creative Circle, and Crew. And if you have a passion for working for startups then AngelList should be your go-to.

freelance Work + Work From Home Job Sites 

Freelance and remote work are often thought to go hand-in-hand, however, the difference is that some freelance opportunities can be in-house at companies. Remote work strictly means you are what the name implies...a remote worker. So if remote work is your cup of tea and you are looking to land more work that way then check out websites like, We Work Remotely, and Clarity.

General freelance Job Boards

These job boards include LinkedIn and Glassdoor (of course), but they also include other websites that tend to have a jumble of postings. Searching through Freelancer, UpWork, Guru, Fiverr, and FlexJobs might help you land the opportunity you are looking for. Whether that gig is focused on legal, engineering, translation or admin support, you will be able to find it on one of these websites.

Go through the list and find at least one or two solid job boards or platforms that seem like a good match for you and the type of work you are seeking. Before you begin pitching/applying to every opportunity you see on the job boards, take your time to ensure it’s the right opportunity for you and you have the experience and time to handle it.

What are some other websites, third party matching platforms and job boards that you have landed freelance or side gigs on? Let us know!