WEBINAR: Design Your Framework For a Successful & Fulfilling Career

Design Your Framework For a Successful & Fulfilling Career
Are you unsure of where your career is headed? Can't visualize what your dream job looks like?
Just waiting for the next promotion or job to fall into your lap because it did, that one time, in the past? Or are you looking to take a more deliberate approach to your career?

Join us for a WEBINAR with Career Strategy Coach and Career Contessa Mentor, Leila Hock, to design your framework for a successful and fulfilling career. You'll learn about the five core concepts to consider as you make your next move or plan for your dream career and get targeted exercises to help you discover what your ideal is for each of those concepts.

Stop waiting for your career to happen to you and take charge of your direction. Leila will help you design a framework you can use as you plan your next move or decide what you need to get done to achieve your ideal career. You'll walk away with exercises that will help you determine what that ideal career looks like and an understanding of how to use the framework to guide your career. 

Because if you're not in control of your career, who is?


  • Why a framework for your career is better than a career path
  • The five core concepts that make up your framework
  • How to define the core concepts so they work for you in the long term
  • Targeted exercises for each concept to design your framework