The 6 Food Apps Every Career Woman Must Download
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The 6 Food Apps Every Career Woman Must Download

by Abby Roskind
December 17, 2015


The usual questions go something like: 

  • What are you in the mood for? 
  • How much are you willing to spend? 
  • How healthy is this option? 
  • Go out or cook at home?
  • How much time do you have? 

And they can continue endlessly, sometimes with repetitions. Honestly, I think it’s a little weird that I can be so indecisive about eating, arguably the most important and enjoyable part of my day, while being able to make all other big or small daily decisions. But friends and strangers alike seem to suffer with this same affliction.

I love meal time! In fact, I enjoy food so much that I expect every consumption to be nothing short of magical (at the very least memorable). {click to tweet} You can see how I might be setting myself up for failure at times. Nonetheless, my plight has led to the discovery of these helpful tools to make the process easier. 

Have you ever not had enough time to go grocery shopping but don’t want to eat out? Or maybe you just don’t want to go grocery shopping?


Fooducate is great for when you want to make your own food and want it to be healthy. When you sign up, the app calculates your BMI, asks about your future health goals, and offers a suggested daily calorie intake based on those goals. For inspiration, there’s a “Healthy Recipes” section, complete with cooking times, portions, and calories/ serving, as well as a community of users that post pictures of their meals. My favorite feature is the “Food Finder” section where you can scan product barcodes and the app will give you a personalized health grade (based on the personal information you’ve given it previously), nutrition information (complete with explanations), and offer alternatives. It takes away all the grunt work.


Have you ever not had enough time to go grocery shopping but don’t want to eat out? Or maybe you just don’t want to go grocery shopping? Instacart. The app will give you all the participating grocery stores in your area and let you browse and buy on your phone. It’s got a simple design that’s easy to navigate—you can browse departments, popular items, sales items, or view everything. It allows you to create grocery lists and even offers recipes with ingredients that are available at your grocery store. Delivery prices vary depending on how far away you are from your grocery store, but Instacart Express members can have orders of $35 or more delivered for free within a 2-­hour (instead of 1­-hour) time frame. 


Supercook helps get the creative juices flowing in the kitchen, or for people like me, allows us to do what we can with what we have. It allows you to customize a recipe search based on the ingredients you already have in your kitchen. It gives you ingredient suggestions, allows you to input restrictions, add cuisines (Asian, Caribbean, German etc.), and select a meal type (breakfast, breads, grilling and BBQ, quick and easy, etc.). Once you’ve input all your desired specifications, it gives you recipes with pictures from a wide variety of websites. Cooking made easy. 

The delivery fee for most orders is anywhere between $1-­$3.  No, I did not forget any other digits while writing that.


If you’re in the mood to eat out but still want to stay on track, HealthyOut Is a great option. When you enter in your address, the app gives you a list of restaurants nearby with healthier options. It lists how many healthier dishes are available at each restaurant, the description of the dish, price, healthy modifications (such as dressing on the side, no cheese, sub for side salad etc.), and nutrition information.


This app is nothing short of amazing. It starts off like any other delivery app, by asking for your phone number and delivery address, but everything after that convinces you good times are coming. The delivery fee for most orders is anywhere between $1-­$3.  No, I did not forget any other digits while writing that. And, at least for my area, the app includes a lot of really tasty places. It even lets you order as much as one week in advance, in case you have a big party planned. Additionally, “Fastbite Delivery” allows users to order any meal under $15 and have it delivered in 15 minutes during their specified lunch and dinner hours. The Fastbites delivery fee is expectedly a little pricier, but still only starts at $2.99. Unfortuneately, this service is only available in San Francisco and New York, but hopefully they’ll be expanding soon. 


Have you ever wanted to support a local chef? Munchery asks chefs to create the dishes they love {click to tweet} (which means lots of variety and seasonal dishes) and then delivers them to you. Food options typically run from $6­-$15 with a delivery fee of $2.95. They have a variety of options for specific dietary needs, such as vegan, vegetarian, wheat-free, nut­-free, dairy-­free, etc. If you join Munchery Regulars, which is a monthly subscription program, you receive 20% off entrees and kids’ dishes, and are offered the convenience of recurring weekly deliveries for only $8.95/ month (only offered in Los Angeles, for now). The app is beautifully designed and includes pictures of all the dishes.


* * *

 What are your favorite/ most used food apps? Tell us in the comments below.