WEBINAR: 5 Crucial Keys to Eliminating Self-Doubt and Building Unshakeable Confidence

5 Crucial Keys to Eliminating Self-Doubt and Building Confidence
by Lauren McGoodwin
Photos Diana Zapata | February 15, 2017
Building the career you want requires taking risks—even (maybe specially) if you're risk averse.  
You know you need to take chances to prove your value, but how do you play big when self-doubt and a mean inner critic have drained your confidence? 

Join our FREE WEBINAR on Wednesday, February 22nd at 5:00pm PST with Career Coach Stacy Smyk-Santiago to learn how to boost your confidence in an authentic and dynamic way—from the inside out. It’s time to overcome the barriers that keep you playing small. Because we believe you're a pretty big deal. And you will too after you join us. 

Stacy is a Board Certified Career Coach who helps people find fulfillment and purpose in their careers, not just money. As a catalyst for life-changing self-discovery, Stacy triggers “light bulb” insights for clients to help them define their unique brilliance and clarify their career direction to free them to successfully do what they love.

This webinar will cover:

  • Ways to recognize your strengths and fight negative messages
  • The power of defining your value from the inside out
  • How to draw and uphold strong boundaries
  • The formula for finding your brilliance or unique advantage

As a bonus, you’ll receive: