WEBINAR: 3-Steps To Land Your Ideal Job at Your Dream Company (No Matter What Industry You're In)

3 Unique Strategies To Help You Find a New Job
by Lauren McGoodwin
Photos Bloguettes | January 10, 2017
For most people, the idea of finding a new job or switching careers is about as enjoyable as putting together Ikea furniture. Stop torturing yourself and feeling hopeless. I'm about to teach you the best job search strategy you haven't tried ALREADY.
Join our WEBINAR with me, Lauren McGoodwin, Career Contessa's founder and former Hulu recruiter. Before I was a recruiter, I was working in an administrative job at a large university, desperate for a position that didn't make me totally unhappy and ready to make a big change.

There were just a few issues. First, I didn't know what I wanted to do and second, I didn't have any past experience.  

Over many months and lots of trial and error, I figured out what job I did want to pursue and how to land a job in recruiting without any past experience. Landing my ideal job at my dream company was a complete game-changer in my personal and professional life. Being happy in your job really is an important factor for your long-term success.

While working as a recruiter, I screened thousands of applicants, spent countless hours in interviews, and worked directly with hiring managers. That coupled with my own experiences job hunting taught me that switching your career is completely doable, and it doesn't have to mean starting at the bottom. Now, I want to share all my most important insights and strategies with you, so that you can find a job you love in 2017.


  • The job search strategy I used to go from an administrative job I hated to working as a recruiter for Hulu—without any past recruiting experience.
  • My #1 job search tool that’s guaranteed to get your foot in the door at your favorite companies.
  • The step-by-step system to stop applying for jobs like an amateur and rapidly advance your career with a job that fits your goals, passions, and lifestyle.