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POLITICO’s mission from the very beginning was to win the audience. We dedicate ourselves to providing accurate, non-partisan, impactful information to the right people at the right time so that they can act with confidence and speed. And we prioritize efforts to obsessively serve, better understand, and grow our influential audience by creating innovative new products and tools that provide limitless value by helping to navigate tectonic shifts and disruption occurring across the globe.

We are driven by our values: we are relentless contributors, disruptors, collaborators, and talent cultivators.

The Basics

Company Type
Number of Employees
Arlington (HQ)

The People

Key People
Joyce Liu, Chief Financial Officer
Carrie Budoff Brown, Editor
Traci Schweikert, Vice President, Human Resources
Danica Stanciu, Vice President, POLITICO Pro
Cally Baute, Vice President, Audience Solutions
Coolest Job Title and What they Do
Programs and Partnerships Manager

You'll oversee and lead how POLITICO engages and manages strategic and cross-platform client programs, leading the client and internal POLITICO teams – including brand content, events, marketing, technology, advertising and editorial teams – to success, ensuring each program meets the client’s and POLITICO’s needs and expectations

Account Executive, POLITICO Pro

Our Account Executives are a part of the New Business side of the POLITICO Pro sales team- focused on driving revenue by managing the full sales-cycle from prospect to close. POLITICO Pro is POLITICO's SaaS product hat arms policy professionals with in-depth policy reporting and a portfolio of tools they need to get the job done. AEs help grow our subscription business by conducting sales meetings with senior level executives, customizing marketing presentations and proposals to meet prospective client needs. 

Women Employed

Women in Leadership

Women in Tech

The Departments

Human Resources

The Culture

Company Culture Hero
Describe what makes POLITICO's work culture unique.

We are driven by our values: we are relentless contributors, disruptors, collaborators, and talent cultivators.

Great journalism and great businesses require a great workplace. We seek passionate, collaborative, and respectful people. POLITICOs bring diverse backgrounds and excellence in what they do. Our culture is defined by relentless grit, total integrity, and a prioritization on innovation. We prioritize initiatives and programs that contribute to career development, push cross-functional partnership, and reward our talent with work life balance and other perks. We experiment to avoid being disrupted and we have fun disrupting others. And we are not afraid to risk failure if it means being the best at what we do.

We believe everyone – business development, engineering, product, editorial – is integral in doing it.

What kinds of employee development/training does POLITICO offer?

POLITICO provides an environment that fosters professional and personal development. Professional development occurs in company-sponsored training programs, external seminars, conferences or university educational courses. However, the most important development occurs within the context of an employee’s job responsibilities and assignments. POLITICO encourages employees to continue to grow and develop their skills and expertise. POLITICO expects employees to own and drive their development by finding growth opportunities that stretch their knowledge and skill set. Employees are encouraged to discuss ideas with their manager emphasizing the connection to their current role and/or future success.

What are the hours like?

To promote work-life balance, there are no set hours unless there is a business-impacting reason, like shift coverage to publish news.

Does POLITICO have programs for team bonding? How close IS the team? Are there team lunches? Happy hours? Holiday parties?

Team lunches aside: All POLITICOs gather for an annual holiday party, and our Rosslyn-based POLITICOs gather for a happy hour or ice cream social. There’s POLITICO Labs, our Shark Tank-style competition where cross-department teams compete to come up with POLITICO’s next big idea. We also have DCE (Department of Cultural Enhancement) where employees are awarded points for participating in sponsored events and are eligible to win a quarterly prize.

What are a few words you'd use to describe POLITICO's culture?

Hard-working, sharp, agile, passionate.

Why do women love working at POLITICO?

To put it in the words of our editor Carrie Budoff Brown, we have a "no jerks” policy. We uphold and protect an environment that has work-life balance, equity, and inclusiveness.

What's the best part about working for POLITICO?

The people. We hire the best of the best—people who are excited to walk in the door and get stuff done. (Being a pivotal voice in news coverage in politics and policy doesn't hurt.)

How does POLITICO make sure sexual harassment and gender discrimination are not tolerated? Are there any policies in place?

POLITICO has several policies in place to foster a workplace that is supportive and inclusive of all employees. While the policies offer a foundation for our daily interactions, the standards and values we hold for our organization leaves no room for ambiguity. POLITICO has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of any kind. We also provide management training to provide every manager with the resources they need to address and concerns. The policies include: Non-Discrimination, Non-Harassment, Open Door, Standards of Professional Conduct.

What's one thing about POLITICO's culture/perks that would surprise most people?

People are really, really smart—and friendly. People go out of their way to say hello to new faces. It might also be the big red welcome balloon we attach to their chair the first day.

What sort of room is there for growth and advancement?

When someone is interested in trying their skills in a new type of role or a promotion, we encourage all managers to have a conversation—if the skills aren’t there right now, managers want to help their teams develop the skills they need. Being in a relatively new organization, there’s ample room to grow quickly by doing great work and making an impact.

What type of support does POLITICO offer new mothers and families?

All mothers and fathers who are welcoming new Politicos into their lives are eligible for 3 months of fully paid parental leave. We welcomed 16 POLITICO babies in 2017!

We are committed to fostering an environment of work-life balance, which is why we recently extended the eligibility of paid parental leave to all employees regardless of their length of service. This alleviates the stress associated with taking unpaid leave or navigating short-term disability insurance.

But do people actually take time off?

It can be tough as a 24/7 news service—but absolutely. Some of our team recently went to Thailand, South Africa, Hawaii, and Iceland. Others have taken time to run marathons or participate in volunteer work.

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The Perks

Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Retirement Plan
Flexible Schedule
Paid Family Leave
Corporate Discounts
Office Closed for Holidays
Committed to Pay Equity
Educational Assistance
Onsite Career Development
Transportation Reimbursement
Company Events
Mother's Room
Fully Stocked Kitchen
Unlimited Vacation
Sponsorship + Mentoring

How To Get Hired Here

What qualities does POLITICO look for in a candidate? How can a candidate stand out?

POLITICOs are passionate about our organization and mission. A big part of our culture is pride in POLITICO. If you are excited about our brand and enthusiastic about the role, that’s a great way to stand out. It’s important that people walk in the door excited by our company.

How often does POLITICO hire new people?

Often! In 2017, we added 26 new positions to POLITICO. We typically have openings year-round in sales and editorial.

What are POLITICO's views on hiring women who are returning to the workforce after an extended break? What can they do to stand out in the application process?

Our recruiting team wants to hear your story. Talk about the skills you’ve gained and kept fresh through your time off.

How often does POLITICO promote from within?

Our entry-level roles are intended to create opportunities for people to grow and develop from a personal and career perspective. We often look at our internal talent before bringing someone in externally for a role to keep growth potential open.

What areas of POLITICO are growing the fastest right now?

Our goals for 2018 include new products and continuing our global expansion—with that said, we’ll be hiring in technology, editorial, product, and sales to support our new offerings.

What’s POLITICO's interview process like?

Our recruiting team is closely involved in the interview process: it usually starts with a phone interview with a talent acquisition partner or hiring manager and in-person interviews.

Does POLITICO offer relocation assistance for new employees?

On a case by case basis.

Where does POLITICO recruit candidates?

The internet is our recruiting team’s best friend. Particularly: LinkedIn, Twitter, job boards. We also use our networks and are constantly meeting with the best talent through meetup groups and career fairs, even if we don’t have an opening.

Does POLITICO ever create positions based on a candidate submission? e.g. Can a candidate apply to work for POLITICO even if a position isn't open?

Not often, but the quality of our talent is important to us—we want folks to apply even if there isn’t the right opening to keep in touch for when the timing is right.

What's the hardest quality for POLITICO to find in an ideal candidate?

Versatility. We are a relatively small org, so people often have to wear many hats. We also aren’t strangers to change, so we look for people who can thrive in an ambiguity and have agility.

What’s the best way for someone to prepare for an interview at POLITICO?

Explore our products and the work the team is doing. 

And how should someone prepare for a job at POLITICO?

We provide all of the necessary paperwork & materials through an onboarding portal prior to someone’s first day—so filling out all of the documents before you walk in the door is key.

Do you look at candidates online presence and social media accounts?

Absolutely. We are committed to non-partisan journalism, and it’s important that our employees’ social media and online presence reflect that.

Does POLITICO have an internship program? If so, does POLITICO regularly hire interns?

We have full-time internships in spring, summer, and fall in editorial, as well as other career development opportunities for students including POLITICO Journalism Institute and fellowship. In revenue and shared services, we offer part-time internships in spring and fall in various departments, and full-time in the summer.

What questions should candidates ask in an interview?

We love questions that show you want to know more specifics (but not: can you tell me more or what is the day to day like?). Rather than asking about general culture, ask about values that the team or organization has: what are they hoping to achieve in the next few years? How do they communicate across departments and stakeholders? Do they have corporate giving initiatives?

Are there any questions a candidate shouldn’t ask in an interview?

Questions should always be thoughtful and intentional! Don’t ask about salary, benefits, or the hours unless it’s asked of you. Also, don’t ask if we’re a newspaper, or “what exactly do you do?”

What’s one question a candidate should expect to get asked in a POLITICO interview?

Why do you want to work at POLITICO?

What’s the interview dress code?

Our office is business casual, but you should make the best impression and the interview is your first. If you are in a client-facing role, it’s not a bad idea to wear a suit; business professional is your safest bet.

Who should the candidate send a thank-you note to after an interview?

At best: you should send personal, customized notes to each person you met with throughout the process. At minimum: send a thank you note to your point of contact throughout the interview process

What’s the typical length of POLITICO's hiring process?

On average: two or three weeks.

Should candidates apply to more than one position at POLITICO?

Yes! (Well, maybe). It’s important to have a direction and the self-awareness to know what your true strengths are, so apply to things that fit your background. We appreciate curiosity and being open and willing to trying new things.

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