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FabFitFun inspires happiness and personal growth through discovery. As the #1 full-size subscription box, FabFitFun helps their members discover brands and products for a life well-lived. Their fast-growing subscription service reaches hundreds of thousands of women in the US and Canada, and FabFitFun's editorial content, videos, and social posts entertain millions of women around the world each month. FabFitFun was founded in 2010 and is backed by tier-one investors, including New Enterprise Associates, Upfront Ventures, and Simon Venture Group.

The Basics

Company Type
Media, Consumer Goods, Fashion + Beauty
Number of Employees
West Hollywood (HQ)

The People

Key People
Katie Rosen-Kitchens, Editor in Chief + Co-Founder
Michael Broukhim, Co-CEO + Co-Founder
Daniel Broukhim, Co-CEO + Co-Founder
Leslie Burthey, Vice President, Marketing
Zeina Charara, Senior Vice President Finance + Operations
Trip Wood, Senior Vice President, Operations
Gina Kohler, Head of Product Development
Arjen Mackaaij, Senior Vice President, People
Coolest Job Title and What they Do
Influencer Marketing Manager

This person works closely with a wide range of social media influencers to promote FabFitFun’s seasonal subscription box. Some of the responsibilities include influencer research and outreach, creating content ideas, and building relationships with managers, agents, and agencies.

Editorial + Marketing Coordinator

This person writes all types of articles on fashion and beauty. The Editorial + Marketing Coordinator brainstorms different ideas and initiatives to create consumable and invigorating content for FabFitFun members—from tutorial videos to tips & tricks with top influencers.

Brand Partnerships Associate

This person works with a range of brands from lifestyle to beauty to tech and helps decide what amazing products get to delight our customers each quarter.

Women Employed

Women in Leadership

Women in Tech

The Departments

Accounting & Finance
Brand/Product Development
Content & Creative
Corporate Development
Customer Support
Product (R&D)
Public Relations
Sales and Business Development

The Culture

Company Culture Hero
Describe what makes FabFitFun's work culture unique.

There is a special energy in the office where everyone is genuinely excited to be here and work with each other to create a great experience for our customers. Employees are like family and we’re excited to continue to add to our team.

What's one thing about FabFitFun's culture/perks that would surprise most people?

How collaborative we really are. We are only as strong as our weakest link so we keep everyone up to speed during our bi-weekly company updates!

Why do women love working at FabFitFun?

Women are the majority here, even on the engineering team, where women make up 75% of the team. We have an inclusive and supportive environment where we naturally collaborate and celebrate our successes as a team.

What are the hours like at FabFitFun?

While it varies by department, employees usually are in the office around 9:30 and leave the office at 6-7pm.

What are a few words you'd use to describe FabFitFun's culture?

Dynamic. Collaborative. Hard-working. Unicorns.

What's the best part about working for FabFitFun?

It’s probably a tie between the amazing people and the unlimited opportunities for growth.

What sort of room is there for growth?

The growth is exponential. One of the perks of working at a scaling start up is that you’re able to be involved in a lot of opportunities that help you grow your skill set and evolve within the organization

Does FabFitFun have programs for team bonding? How close IS the team? Are there team lunches? Happy hours? Holiday parties?

The team is really close, and we are constantly working to reinforce that closeness even as we grow to 100+ employees. For new hires, we have a welcome wagon program where a “veteran” employee on a different team reaches out to the new hire before their start date, takes the new hire out for coffee or lunch, and serves as a general resource as the new hire navigates their first few weeks. Each team also has a budget for lunches, happy hours, and other bonding events, and we have company-wide catered lunches on Tuesdays and Fridays. Additionally, we have an annual summer party, an annual winter holiday party, and several other company-wide social events throughout the year.

But do people actually take time off?

Yes, they do. We have a generous vacation policy and a flexible schedule because we want to ensure our employees have the opportunity to create work-life balance for themselves. With a lot of what we do being very digital and mobile, it allows our employees to check in or work from anywhere. Everyone works really hard and has the ability to take the time for themselves or family, or vacation.

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The Perks

Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Flexible Schedule
Paid Family Leave
Corporate Discounts
Office Closed for Holidays
Transportation Reimbursement
Unlimited Vacation
Fully Stocked Kitchen
Employee Stock Programs
Dog Friendly
Company Events
Mother's Room
Health + Wellness Stipend
Pet Insurance
Committed to Pay Equity
Remote Work Options

How To Get Hired Here

What qualities does FabFitFun look for in a candidate? How can a candidate stand out?

We are always looking for proactive, passionate, and positive team players to add to our team! We really admire candidates that are not only hungry but also humble.

How often does FabFitFun hire new people?

We’ve been hiring new people on a weekly basis. As soon as a role is filled, we have two more open!

How often does FabFitFun promote from within?

Many of our employees started off as interns, and we have a strong desire to grow and promote within.

What areas of FabFitFun are growing the fastest right now?

Every area! But the ones that have experienced the most growth have been the people team, the finance team, and the marketing team!

What’s the interview process like?

Our general interview process includes an initial phone screen with a recruiter and a secondary phone screen with the hiring manager for the role. We then take the time to get to know the candidate with two stages of on-site interviews with different members of the team. We strive to ensure that new hires are a technical fit as well a cultural addition.

Do you offer relocation assistance for new employees?

We have found so many great employees located within the Los Angeles area, however, depending on the role and candidate there could be potential for relocation.

Where does FabFitFun recruit candidates?

A variety of job boards such as: Fabfitfun.com/Jobs, Linkedin, BuiltinLA, Career Contessa, Glassdoor, Indeed, and The Muse.

Does FabFitFun ever create positions based on a candidate submission? e.g. Can a candidate apply to work for FabFitFun even if a position isn't open?

Right now, we are scaling at such a fast rate that our primary focus is on candidates whose skills match the requirements of our active job openings.

What’s the best way for someone to prepare for an interview at FabFitFun?

Try to learn a bit about the people you’re going to be interviewing with and know what our company has been up to lately by checking out our website, social media, and external sources of information like blogs and articles on the company.

And how should someone prepare for a job at FabFitFun?

We encourage new hires to do their research about the space and their role before their first day, but to also come prepared to learn and step outside of their comfort zone. We also recommend new employees to set up informational interviews with employees from other teams to get a sense of what they do and how they interact with the business within their department, in addition to our formal onboarding programs and buddy program.

What's the hardest quality to find in an ideal candidate?

Finding someone who has that true grit and entrepreneurial spirit tends to be the hardest quality to find. Being a startup that is experiencing high growth, things change quickly, so we need candidates who are willing to do things outside the job description and who have a true team player mentality.

Do you look at candidates' online presence and social media accounts?

That depends on the nature of the role. A lot of what we do is social, so if one of their core responsibilities is in the creative or editorial field we would likely look at their online presence to get a broader view of their experience.

Does FabFitFun an internship program? If so, do you regularly hire your interns?

We have internships based on the need of each department. A good percentage of our employees started off as interns!

What questions should candidates ask in an interview?

They should ask what their day to day would look like in the role, what it takes to succeed in the role, and the timeline of the interview process, since a candidate coming in at the beginning of the process will likely have a different experience from someone who interviews later in the process.

Are there any questions a candidate shouldn’t ask in an interview?

Don’t ask a question that’s already been answered in the interview or that could have easily been answered with a quick visit to our website. It’s important to be present in and prepared for the interview.

What’s one question a candidate should expect to get asked in a FabFitFun interview?

What made you excited about the opportunity to work with FabFitFun? We love to know what motivates our candidates and the answer often helps ensure we are bringing on people whose expectations will match their reality and who are here for the right reasons.

What’s the interview dress code?

We have a casual dress code in the office but often candidates come in wearing business casual so it really is up to whatever makes the candidate feel good!

Who should the candidate send a thank you note to after an interview?

The easiest approach is to send a general thank you note to the recruiter who can then pass it along to the rest of the interview team.

What’s the typical length of FabFitFun's hiring process?

As a company that is experiencing hyper growth, no interview process is the same. Sometimes the hiring process can take a few weeks, sometimes it can take several months. We’re not hiring just to fill seats, so we are comfortable waiting a while to find the right candidate. That said, we try to keep all candidates updated on their status and next steps throughout the hiring process.

Should candidates apply to more than one position?

We strongly encourage candidates to review all positions and apply only to the one position they feel most excited about.

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