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edX is a nonprofit, open-source learning destination offering online educational programs and courses at edx.org in alliance with more than 140 member institutions, composed of both leading global universities and colleges, and a diverse group of prominent organizations from around the world. Founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, edX’s mission is to democratize and re-imagine education by increasing access to high-quality education and creating a culture of continuous, lifelong learning.

The Basics

Company Type
Education, Nonprofit, Technology
Number of Employees
Boston (HQ)

The People

Key People
Anant Agarwal, Chief Executive Officer
Adam Medros, Chief Operating Officer
Kathy Pugh, Vice President, Education Services
Nina Huntemann, Senior Director, Academics + Research
Stephanie Brocoum, Chief Marketing Officer
JP Beaudry, VP of Engineering
Clive Wright, VP of Sales
Coolest Job Title and What they Do
Partner Managers

Our partners are the top companies and institutions around the world that provide the high-quality content that you can find on edX. PMs are on the front lines of working with our partners who share our mission around innovation and changing education.

Front End Architect

The edX platform is one of the most sophisticated learning platforms out there! You’ll be responsible for owning the front end architecture for edX.org and in turn, help change the world.

Learner Support

This team helps learners at all levels of technical proficiency achieve their goals on our platform, and translating learner requests into actionable feedback on our product and our policies. Our learners are what fuel edX’s mission and they’re what drive everyone at edX to do our best work!

The Departments

Business Development
Education Services
General + Administration
Human Resources
Product Delivery
Strategic Partnerships

The Culture

Company Culture Hero
Describe what makes edX's work culture unique.

edX is unique because we’re the best of both worlds: we’re a fast-paced tech startup, and we’re a mission-driven nonprofit that’s bringing access to high-quality education to everyone, everywhere. We’re collaborative and constantly innovating, meaning no two days are the same, all while changing the field of education for the better.

What kinds of employee development/training does edX offer?

Our mission encourages lifelong learning, and we instill this in our employees. We have programs for tuition assistance and are able to leverage career development opportunities through MIT. We’re focused on professional development, too—each edXer will elect a professional development goal they’d like to work towards on a quarterly basis.

What are the hours like?

Core hours are 9a-5p, but we offer flexible hours to support our employees’ lives outside of work.

Does edX have programs for team bonding? How close IS the team? Are there team lunches? Happy hours? Holiday parties?

Where to begin? We have summer and holidays parties, along with team outings that occur periodically throughout the year. We have quarterly hackathons, as well, where you’ll find cross-departmental teams hacking up new ideas for edX (a lot of these do get implemented!). Additionally, we have monthly All-Hands meetings where the whole company attends.

Lunch is kind of a big deal at edX so you’ll frequently see our cafeteria full of people chatting away. Speaking of the cafeteria, we streamed most of the World Cup games in our cafe in the summer of 2018; who knew we had so many soccer fans?

What are a few words you'd use to describe edX's culture?

First and foremost, collaborative: we have cross-functional teams dedicated to various “themes” (areas of focus) who are working together to improve our product. We have a lot to do, and a big mission, and as they say, teamwork makes the dreamwork! Along those same lines, we’re an inclusive culture that thrives on creativity and thinking outside of the box.

Why do women love working at edX?

edX leadership and the evolving edX culture strives to be supportive of women, evidenced by both grassroots efforts and formal organizational initiatives. We have organically formed affinity groups for women@edX and engineering-women@edX, where edX women have a safe place to share experiences and are empowered to effect change, as needed, throughout the organization.

As a place for many working parents, edX teams and management encourage flexible working hours, with opportunities for both paternity and maternity leaves. The edX human resources team is very active in leading efforts that cater to women, such as hosting a leadership panel featuring multiple genders and local community events.

What's the best part about working for edX?

It’s hard to pick one thing, but the one that may make us unique is the change we’re bringing to education on a global scale. We’re democratizing education for everyone, everywhere, and we’ve got the goal of reaching 100 million users by 2022.

What's one thing about your edX's culture/perks that would surprise most people?

No matter what level or department you are in, you are closely tied to the business and the mission. We’re not big on hierarchy. We mean it when we say everyone’s work matters and truly makes an impact, and you’ll feel it!

What sort of room is there for growth and advancement?

We value providing an opportunity for growth, that’s why we’re hyper-focused on goal setting and working with your manager to reach these goals. We’re eager to see you achieve your goals, and celebrate them!

What type of support does edX offer new mothers and families?

We offer 3 months of Maternity Leave and 20 days for Parental Leave.

But do people actually take time off?

Definitely! People make the most of their PTO (3 weeks in the first year, 4 weeks after that) and will usually bring back treats from the places they’ve been. We also are fortunate to have 10+ holidays, too.

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The Perks

Vision Insurance
Dental Insurance
Health Insurance
Flexible Schedule
Retirement Plan
Paid Family Leave
Health + Wellness Stipend
Corporate Discounts
Office Closed for Holidays
Committed to Pay Equity
Educational Assistance
Onsite Career Development
Online Career Development
Sponsorship + Mentoring
Employee Resource Groups
Transportation Reimbursement
2+ Weeks of Vacation
Company Events
Daycare Stipend
Mother's Room
Fully Stocked Kitchen

How To Get Hired Here

What qualities does edX look for in a candidate? How can a candidate standout?

It’s always great to see edX courses on someone’s resume! Another thing is experience working with lean and mean teams like ours.

How often does edX hire new people?

We’re always hiring in many of our departments. We’re looking to hire 60 people by July 2020!

How often does edX promote from within?

We have a quarterly review cycle and we encourage continuous feedback so people can reach their goals and know how to get there. We have promotion cycles every six months; promotions are announced company-wide and we typically see a solid number of these every cycle.

What areas of edX are growing the fastest right now?

Our sales, education services, and engineering teams are growing and almost always hiring!

What’s edX's interview process like?

Our interview process kicks off with a phone call with one of our recruiters, followed by a phone call with the role’s hiring manager. After that, we will normally have one or two rounds of onsite interviews. We provide reimbursement for candidates traveling in from outside the Greater Boston area. 

Does edX offer relocation assistance for new employees?

We typically do not offer relocation assistance but can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis depending on the opportunity and scope.

What's the hardest quality for edX to find in an ideal candidate?

Bias towards action and solutions focus. These two qualities go a long way in our organization! We love a creative and growth mindset as we forge our mission forward. 

What’s the best way for someone to prepare for an interview at edX?

The best way someone can prepare to interview with us is to do some research on edX (there’s a lot to learn!) and perhaps even poke around on an edX course.

And how should someone prepare for a job at edX?

As a new employee to edX, you can expect to have an individualized ramp-up plan that’s been put together by your new manager, that includes key meetings, concepts, and potential projects to hone in on within your first three months at edX. You should prepare for the days to literally fly by, too.

Do you look at candidates online presence and social media accounts?

We normally do not look at candidates’ online presence or social media accounts, unless they are shared on their resume or in their portfolio.

Does edX have an internship program? If so, does edX regularly hire interns?

We have a summer internship program for our engineering department. We hire from traditional backgrounds (current undergraduates) and non-traditional backgrounds (coming through bootcamps or self-taught programs). We have marketing and design co-ops throughout the year. 

What’s one question a candidate should expect to get asked in an edX interview?

Candidates should be prepared to share why edX and the particular role they are interviewing for is where they’d like to go next. Why does the role at edX make sense for your career goals? 

What’s the interview dress code?

Our dress code is business casual, but if you’d like to go more formal, we encourage you to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in.

Who should the candidate send a thank-you note to after an interview?

If possible, everyone on the hiring teams loves thank-you notes (emailed or hand-written!).

What’s the typical length of edX's hiring process?

Our hiring process is typically around 4 weeks from your first call with the recruiter to offer stage.

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