Redwood City, CAEST. 2013

Stop prototyping, start producing. That sentiment is what motivates the team at Carbon, a Silicon Valley-based company that's working at the intersection of hardware, software, and molecular science to deliver on the promise of 3D manufacturing. The company empowers its customers and partners to evolve beyond using 3D printing for basic prototyping—it seeks to help them produce at scale by revolutionizing how they design, engineer, make, and deliver their products. With Carbon’s Digital Light Synthesis™ technology and its SpeedCell™ system, manufacturers can unlock new business opportunities such as mass customization, on-demand inventory, and differentiated products made with unique functional materials. Carbon’s solutions also provide substantial operational efficiencies, such as the elimination of tooling costs and decreased time to market. The team also happens to love dogs.

The Basics

Company Type
Consumer Goods, Technology, Other
Number of Employees
Redwood City (HQ)

The People

Key People
Joseph DeSimone, Co-Founder + Chief Executive Officer
Barb Cadigan, Chief People Officer
Dara Treseder, Chief Marketing Officer
Meg Nibbi, Senior Vice President, General Counsel
Kelly Mullane, Head of Talent
Coolest Job Title and What they Do
Production Partnerships Manager

This person discovers, identifies and nurtures our strategic partnerships with visionary customers who want to use CLIP for production.

R&D Manager, Characterization

Leads a team in developing novel characterization techniques to understand the material properties of our resin’s.

Software Engineer, Computational Geometry

Develops software and tools to simulate physics in 3D space in real time, and develops new tools for automatic lattice structure generation.

Women Employed

Women in Tech


The Departments

Business Development
Customer Service
Human Resources
Materials Development
Product Management

The Culture

Company Culture Hero
Describe what makes Carbon's work culture unique.

What makes our work culture unique is the incredible amount of diversity we have here. This isn’t just ethnic diversity or gender diversity, but diversity of thought and diversity of background. We have several employees who come from academia, and are therefore both learners and teachers by nature; everyone is willing to lend a helping hand or take five minutes out of their day to explain to someone what they are working on.

What kinds of employee development/training does Carbon offer?

We have required training for new hires, which includes Safety training, Workplace Harassment Prevention training, and Carbon’s technology and process training. On top of these online training courses, we also have New Hire Orientation in the office during their first week, where each new hire meets with the department heads. This is useful for both the new hires and the department heads because it lets the new hires get a deeper look at what each department does on a day to day basis, and it lets each department head meet the weekly new hires face to face. We also have a robust knowledge academy covering everything from how to print to how to use specific resins for specific parts. This library of courses is available to both Carbon customers and employees.

Does Carbon have programs for team bonding? How close is the team? Are there team lunches? Happy hours? Holiday parties?

We typically have off site company events once a quarter. This includes our Holiday party in December, and this past summer, we had a company Luau. We have weekly team lunches every Friday where announcements are made, guests and new hires for the week are introduced, and on average, we have guest speakers twice a month. These lunches are always catered, and it’s a really fun way to decompress from the week and hangout with coworkers in a more informal setting. At the team level, there are planned and spontaneous events that go on regularly. We also have many company clubs that include running, yoga, board games and meditation.

What are the hours like?

Our company hours are pretty flexible, however, the “busy” hours typically fall between 8 am and 6 pm. The company as a whole really values a solid work/life balance, and everyone is encouraged to follow this, especially employees with families.

What are a few words you'd use to describe Carbon's culture?

On top of being diverse, we would describe our culture as very welcoming and inviting. Everyone here is so genuinely nice that it makes coming to work enjoyable. Coming to work and getting along with coworkers is one thing, but choosing to spend time with coworkers outside of work by grabbing a beer or hanging out on the weekends is what makes working here so special. We have a great group of people here at Carbon, and each and every person brings something different to the table, but the one thing everyone has in common is how genuine and caring they are. We also pride ourselves on being transparent. Many companies tout this as a core value, but at Carbon it is the real deal. For example, after every board meeting, the whole company gathers to get a detailed recap so everyone is clear on metrics, mission and current priorities.

Why do women love working at Carbon?

Women love working at Carbon because it is a very welcoming environment. We are a fast-paced and fast-growing company, and that provides several opportunities for success and growth. We have several women in leadership roles, and we really encourage women to take on more responsibilities and leadership. We also value work-life balance which is critical to women who are juggling multiple priorities.

What's the best part about working for Carbon?

The best part about working at Carbon is that we’re working on a lot of exciting and innovative projects, and we’re only just beginning! We are literally changing how the world makes things. We are starting a revolution in manufacturing that has not ever been seen before. With exciting and innovative partnerships with companies like Adidas and J & J, Carbon’s impact is being felt on a daily basis.

What's one thing about Carbon's culture/perks that would surprise most people? What sort of room is there for growth?

Our company is growing and expanding at a rapid pace, and this definitely provides room for growth. As the company expands, there will be several opportunities for employees to take on new roles and responsibilities.

But do people actually take time off?

Yes, people do actually take time off. We have an untracked PTO system, so vacation time is up to the manager's discretion. Most of the employees have young children/children who have not graduated high school yet, so we typically see vacation time taken during the holidays and during the summer months to be with their families.

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The Perks

Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Pet Insurance
Retirement Plan
Flexible Schedule
Remote Work Options
Paid Family Leave
Health + Wellness Stipend
Corporate Discounts
Office Closed for Holidays
Financial Coaching
Committed to Pay Equity
Sponsorship + Mentoring
Employee Resource Groups
Online Career Development
Transportation Reimbursement
Unlimited Vacation
Mother's Room
Company Events
Game Room
Dog Friendly
Employee Stock Programs

How To Get Hired Here

What qualities does Carbon look for in a candidate? How can a candidate standout?

We look for many things as we make the important decision to make a hire. All hires are key to us. We are looking for people with a proven track record of not backing down from a challenge and an ongoing thirst for knowledge and new ways to solve problems. This could come from 20 years work experience or a few innovative internships. We like out of the box thinkers because with what we are doing, there is no playbook! Candidates that have done their homework on Carbon and the role always impress us. We love when prospective employees come with a different approach to tackling the challenges we face daily. We encourage spirited discussions in interviews. We know that we certainly do not have all the answers. 

How often does Carbon hire new people?

We are growing like crazy! In the last two years, we have doubled in size. On average, we have about two to three new hires starting every week. However, some weeks we have three times that number!

What areas of Carbon are growing the fastest right now?

Pretty much every group at Carbon is growing year over year. We have a strong focus on engineering and other technical hires for 2018. We are also building out our Sales, Marketing, and Materials Science teams.

What’s Carbon's interview process like?

The interview process starts with an initial reach out from a recruiter to set up a phone screen. The next step is one to two hiring manager phone screens. If these go well, the next step is to bring the candidate on site. If the candidate is local, the on-site interviews might be broken up into two visits. If they are not local and require travel accommodations, we will have the candidate meet with the whole team during one visit. Once the interview process is over, the team and the recruiter(s) meet to discuss next steps, typically one to three days after the on-site interview. The recruiter then reaches out to the candidate with next steps. The good thing about our process is that candidates are able to meet people from many cross-functional teams they will interact with as well an opportunity to do some kind of technically related project or presentation. People leave interviews with a comprehensive picture of Carbon and the impact they would have here.

Does Carbon offer relocation assistance for new employees?

We do offer relocation assistance for new employees. This amount will vary depending on where they are relocating from, but it is typically a generous package.

How often does Carbon promote from within?

We have two formal review periods per year, where promotions are an option, but we are not constrained by review periods to recognize great accomplishments!

Where does Carbon recruit candidates?

As we value diversity in ideas, we also see this reflected in where we find high caliber talent. We pull from typical resources like referrals, LinkedIn reach out, and career fairs. But we also host onsite events to let potential candidates see the inner workings of Carbon before a formal interview happens. We have many thought leaders at Carbon who are active in the areas of expertise and often speak on panels, in classrooms and at other community events. Spreading the word this way has been successful for us to reach otherwise unknown talent.

Does Carbon ever create positions based on a candidate submission? e.g. Can a candidate apply to work for Carbon even if a position isn't open?

Timing is everything, so just because we may not have the perfect role at the moment, we want to know about/connect with great talent all the time! We encourage starting the relationship of learning about each other even if there is not a current role available that makes sense. Infrequently, we have been so blown away by someone, we have created a role where we know their impact would be too great to miss out on. WIth some frequency, we have cases where a candidate has applied to a position and gone through the interview process, and the team decided that they would be a better fit with a different position. We work very collaboratively between teams, so interviewers are always on the lookout for the best role/team for great candidates.

What’s the best way for someone to prepare for an interview at Carbon?

The best way for someone to prepare for an interview at Carbon is to just as much research as they can about our company. We want to be able to have interesting and meaningful discussions during the interviews. Come prepared with questions, but also, do not be afraid to really engage with the interview team on a wide variety of topics. We want to hire people who are as passionate as we are about changing manufacturing with hardware, software, and molecular science.  Our website has lots of information about our technology, our team, our materials and hardware, and our partnerships, as well as case studies from Carbon and from our customers. 

And how should someone prepare for a job at Carbon?

Once hired, the best way for someone to prepare for a job at Carbon is by continuing to do research on our company (news reports and other press releases) and complete the New Hire training that is assigned during the first week. On top of these online courses, the in-person New Hire Orientations with the department heads are also helpful with understanding the different teams and what they do. 

Does Carbon look at candidates online presence and social media accounts?

We don’t look at candidates online presence and social media accounts unless they specifically reference them on their resume ( ie: Twitter). , We do heavily rely on Linkedin to gather information (previous jobs, location, contact information, etc.) about candidates throughout the interview process.

Does Carbon have an internship program? If so, does Carbon regularly hire interns?

We have a summer internship program that typically runs from June to September. This past summer (2017), we had about thirty interns, and of those interns, we have so far hired a significant portion of them to join our company full time after graduation. This was the first year we were able to make offers at the end of the internships for full time employment at Carbon after graduation. This was a big step for us and very exciting to see them start their careers with us! We found most of our interns through direct applications on our website and referrals from other employees. We love our interns and look at them as a very important part of our company. They work on real projects that continue to live on after they go back to school. At the end of the summer, all the interns present on their summer projects. The company is always beyond impressed on the caliber of our interns and the impact they have in ten short weeks. 

What questions should candidates ask in an interview?

We can tell when a candidate has done research into our company during the interview process because these candidates typically come prepared with questions and are genuinely excited to be here. That being said, we always appreciate questions about our technology and the partnerships and projects we are working on, as well as what our company culture is like. Candidates really stand out when they ask the interviewers questions about their Carbon story, such as “What is your favorite part about working at Carbon?” or “How did you get involved in Carbon, and what made you want to join the team?”.

What’s one question a candidate should expect to get asked in a Carbon interview?

One question that every candidate will be asked, no matter what position they are interviewing for, is why Carbon? Candidates who have real, genuine answers tend to stand out more than those who give a very generic answer. We want people who are interested in our company and who want to join our team and further our success, and it is very easy to tell who those people are. 

What’s the interview dress code?

The interview dress code is business casual. Our company dress code is very casual, and we like to have the same standard for candidates as well. Typically we see men dress in khakis, slacks or nice jeans, button-down shirts, and occasionally a blazer, and women in button down shirts, blouses or sweaters, slacks and also occasionally a blazer.

Who should the candidate send a thank-you note to after an interview?

Thank you notes are a great way to close out the interview. It is a chance for them to reiterate their interest in Carbon and close the loop on any unanswered questions. Sending a personalized (not cut and paste) to each person you met is the best way to go. If they have the email addresses of the team they interviewed with, candidates should send an email directly to them. If not, they can reach out to the recruiter they have been in contact with and ask for their email addresses. 

What’s the typical length of Carbon's hiring process?

The typical length of our hiring process, from initial recruiter reach-out to offer letter, is usually 2-3 weeks for a candidate who is local. For candidates who are not from the area and would require travel, this can take anywhere from a month to a month and a half. 

Should candidates apply to more than one position at Carbon?

If a candidate has relevant experience and is qualified for more than one open position at Carbon, then we absolutely encourage them to apply to more than one. Typically, we will narrow down which position they are more qualified and would be the best fit for, and then move forward with the interview process for that position. 

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