VMware Carbon Black

Waltham, MAEST. 2002https://www.carbonblack.com/

Carbon Black is now part of VMware.

With this move, VMware is launching a new Security Business Unit under the leadership of Patrick Morley, who has led Carbon Black for the past 12 years, and will now serve as the new group’s general manager, under the executive sponsorship of Sanjay Poonen, Chief Operating Officer, Customer Operations, VMware.

Carbon Black accelerates VMware’s intrinsic security strategy across the most important security control points – network, workload, endpoint, identity, and analytics. Carbon Black also provides VMware with a security platform that has powerful data lake and analytics capabilities, backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning. VMware is now poised to take a significant leadership role in security for the new age of multi-cloud, modern apps and modern devices.

This team is ready to innovate and disrupt the market. Now is a great time to become part of the team. Join us!

The Basics

Company Type
Number of Employees
Waltham (HQ)

The People

Key People
Coolest Job Title and What they Do
Product Owner

Product owners gain understanding of their customers, identify problems that need to be solved, manage a backlog, and work with technical teams to deliver features to our customers while improving the scalability of the platform and generating revenue. As product owner on our team, you will be part of an agile delivery team that is responsible for building the core of the product. You will work closely with, and enhance the productivity of, a high-performing engineering team.

Field Sales Representative

The field sales representative (called a regional account manager externally) is responsible for identifying, developing and closing new business and expanding market share with a focus a specific territory. This person will play a pivotal role in driving our company’s expansion in the region.

Product Marketing Manager

The product marketing manager drives market awareness and the adoption of our leading next-generation security solutions in the highly competitive market. In this role, you will work with Sales, Product Management, Marketing Communications, and Demand Generation to drive differentiated positioning, messaging, and associated programs that generate demand for our market leading products.

The Departments

Sales/Business Development

The Culture

Company Culture Hero
Describe what makes Carbon Black's work culture unique.

Our culture is very balanced in the sense that our company is filled with smart and dedicated people who are passionate about what we do but we also make time to enjoy ourselves. Our people are innovative, willing to take chances, experimental, and love to learn. What we do is serious so we try to balance that with fun. We have a culture club (Life At CB) that sets up events, parties, sports leagues, philanthropic events, and more. Our employees also have set up their own clubs and events on their own, such as a hiking club, ToastMasters, and more.

What are the hours like?

For the most part, people work core business hours in their respective time zones (i.e. 9 to 5). However, we have a flexible work environment so employees can adjust schedules to work with their personal needs while still ensuring they can support their teams and customers.

What are a few words you'd use to describe Carbon Black's culture?

Smart, fun, flexible, and success-driven.

Why do women love working at Carbon Black?

The flexible work environment and supportive people. Our flexible work environments really cater to women (including working mothers). Also, our Women@VMware POD is a women’s empowerment initiative that incorporates events, panels, conferences, and more to help women grow.

What's the best part about working for Carbon Black?

The people. We hire smart people who aren’t arrogant. Everyone is a team player, always open to answering questions, helping out, and offering support. We have each other’s backs.

How does Carbon Black make sure sexual harassment and gender discrimination are not tolerated? Are there any policies in place?

Yes—we pride ourselves on being an open and inclusive environment. We don’t tolerate harassment or discrimination. Employees are required to take harassment training. If an issue arises, we handle it swiftly.

What's one thing about your Carbon Black's culture/perks that would surprise most people?

Our flexibility. Although there are a lot of companies that have flexible vacation policies, our employees are truly encouraged to take it. We have amazing managers and team members who support one another so if someone does need time off (for fun or otherwise), they feel comfortable doing so.

What type of support does Carbon Black offer new mothers and families?

We offer maternity/paternity leave, have discounts on offerings like Care.com, and have recently installed lactation rooms around the office.

But do people actually take time off?

Absolutely. We’re focused on people getting their work done, not the time they clock in and out. It’s all about results. Also, we have very supportive team members and managers who do what they can to make sure employees feel comfortable with taking time off (and actually enjoy it!).

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The Perks

Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Pet Insurance
Retirement Plan
Flexible Schedule
Remote Work Options
Paid Family Leave
Health + Wellness Stipend
Corporate Discounts
Office Closed for Holidays
Financial Coaching
Committed to Pay Equity
Onsite Career Development
Sponsorship + Mentoring
Unlimited Vacation
Company Events
Fully Stocked Kitchen
Mother's Room
Meditation Room
Game Room
Employee Stock Programs
Educational Assistance
Employee Resource Groups
Transportation Reimbursement
Travel Discounts
2+ Weeks of Vacation

How To Get Hired Here

What qualities does Carbon Black look for in a candidate? How can a candidate stand out?

We want people to have clean resumes with no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. We want them to be resourceful when they seek us out but not overly pushy. We want people who can adapt quickly, think on their feet, and who are passionate about doing great work.

How often does Carbon Black hire new people?

We’re constantly hiring new people. On average, we have about 60 open jobs available at any given time.

What areas of Carbon Black are growing the fastest right now?

R&D (Product and Engineering teams) and Sales.

What is the interview process like?

We outlined the whole process right here

Does Carbon Black offer relocation assistance for new employees?

For some roles, yes.

Where does Carbon Black recruit candidates?

All over the world. Our HQ is based in Waltham, MA but we also have offices in Boston, MA, Boulder, CO, Portland, OR, San Antonio, TX, the UK, Singapore, Tokyo, and Melbourne. We hire for a number of remote roles, too. So mainly anywhere.

What’s the best way for someone to prepare for an interview at Carbon Black?

Research who we are, know who you’re going to be meeting with, know what your resume says.

And how should someone prepare for a job at Carbon Black?

Learn as much as you can during the interview and come in with the energy and the passion to absorb as much information as possible in a short span of time. Do a little digging on the cybersecurity ecosystem so you're not completely blind to our industry.

Do you look at candidates online presence and social media accounts?

Professional accounts like LinkedIn, yes, or even Twitter. Also, we look at more role-specific social sites like portfolios for UX or marketing roles and sites like Github for engineering roles. We don’t often look at Facebook.

What questions should candidates ask in an interview?

What does the job entail? What does success look like? Why is the position open? What's the team culture like? 

Are there any questions a candidate shouldn’t ask?

We’re an open company; within reason, they can ask whatever they’d like.

What’s the interview dress code?

Business casual. 

Who should the candidate send a thank-you note to after an interview?

A simple email to the interviewers or recruiter is fine enough.

Should candidates apply to more than one position?

We review all applicants and try to think of what other roles someone could be a fit for. It doesn't hurt to apply to more than one, but applying to too many will make us think you don't know what you’re looking for in your next role.

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