Apple, Inc.

Cupertino, CAEST. 1976

We’re a diverse collection of thinkers and doers, continually reimagining what’s possible to help us all do what we love in new ways. The people who work here have reinvented entire industries with the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, as well as with services, including iTunes, the App Store, Apple Music, and Apple Pay. And the same innovation that goes into our products also applies to our practices — strengthening our commitment to leave the world better than we found it.

Every new product we invent, service we create, or store we open is the result of people working together to make each other’s ideas stronger. That happens here because every one of us strives toward a common goal — creating the best customer experiences. So bring your passion, courage, and original thinking and get ready to share it. This is where your work can make a difference in people’s lives. Including your own.

Apple’s most important resource, our soul, is our people. Apple benefits help further the well-being of our employees and their families in meaningful ways. No matter where you work at Apple, you can take advantage of our health and wellness resources and time-away programs. We’re proud to provide stock grants to employees at all levels of the company, and we also give employees the option to buy Apple stock at a discount — both programs offer everyone at Apple the chance to share in the company’s success. You’ll discover many more benefits of working at Apple, such as programs that match your charitable contributions, reimburse you for continuing your education, and give you special employee pricing on Apple products.*

*Apple benefits programs vary by country and are subject to eligibility requirements.

The Basics

Company Type
Consumer Goods, Technology
Number of Employees
Cupertino (HQ)

The People

Key People
Tim Cook, CEO
Katherine Adams, Senior Vice President + General Counsel
Philip W. Schiller, Senior VP Worldwide Marketing
Lisa Jackson, VP Environment, Policy + Social Initiatives
Deirdre O’Brien, SVP Retail + People
Coolest Job Title and What they Do
Machine Learning Researcher

In this highly accomplished, deeply technical, and close-knit team of data scientists and machine learning engineers, you will have a chance to design and implement new machine learning algorithms and techniques and collaborate with the most innovative product development teams in the world.

Design Verification Engineer

As part of a highly talented team, you will be at the heart of the media design effort working with video and display engineers and Apple’s Neural Engine. You will be interfacing with all disciplines with critical impact in getting top-quality products to millions of customers.

Apple Store Specialist

As part of a team focused on delivering great customer experiences, you will introduce people to the Apple products that help them do what they love in new ways. Every day is an opportunity for you to turn another Apple Store visitor into a loyal Apple customer. (Both full-time and part-time roles are available.)

Women Employed

Women in Leadership

Women in Tech


The numbers above are for the U.S. only.

The Departments

Apple Retail
Corporate Functions
Machine Learning + AI
Operations + Supply Chain
Sales + Business Development
Software + Services
Support + Service

The Culture

Company Culture Hero
What makes Apple's work culture unique?

This is where some of the world’s smartest, most passionate people create the world’s most innovative products and experiences. We’re a diverse collective of thinkers and doers, continuously reimagining our products and practices to help people do what they love in new ways. That innovation is inspired by a shared commitment to great work — and to each other. Because learning from the people here means we’re learning from the best

What are a few words you'd use to describe Apple's culture?

Inclusive, diverse, open. At Apple, we’re not all the same. And that’s our greatest strength. We draw on the differences in who we are, what we’ve experienced, and how we think. Because to create products that serve everyone, we believe in including everyone.

What progress has Apple made in the hiring of underrepresented minorities?

Apple is making consistent progress in hiring underrepresented minorities. For the past five years, we’ve continued to hire more women and underrepresented minorities every year. This is driving our progress over time. As we bring in new team members and support their growth at Apple, we’re highly encouraged that our workforce will become more representative at all levels of the company. 53% of new hires in the U.S. are from historically underrepresented groups in tech.

Overall representation of women continues to increase at Apple globally. Our greatest progress is seen within the under-30 (38%) and new-hire (36%) populations.

We know that an inclusive and diverse workforce drives innovation and makes Apple stronger. That’s why we’re committed to hiring more diverse talent for jobs at all levels, attracting candidates from more diverse pipelines, leveraging technology to prevent bias, and driving development efforts to increase representation in leadership across the company.

How has Apple addressed equal pay around the globe?

Apple is championing equal pay around the globe. We’ve achieved pay equity in every country where we operate — women earn the same as men when performing similar work. In the United States, underrepresented minorities earn one dollar for every dollar white employees earn. Every year, we examine the compensation employees receive and make adjustments to ensure that we maintain pay equity.

As part of our commitment to achieving pay equity globally, we’ve also stopped asking candidates about their salary history. And in 2019, we received a top ranking for pay equity by Arjuna Capital’s Gender Pay Scorecard in the technology industry.

How does Apple make sure sexual harassment and gender discrimination are not tolerated?

Apple is committed to providing a workplace free of sexual harassment, as well as harassment based on any protected characteristics such as gender, race, ethnic group, disability, or religion. Apple will not tolerate harassment of employees or non-employees with whom we have a business, service, or professional relationship. Apple has many avenues through which employees and non-employees can report harassment or discrimination concerns, including an external hotline where anonymous concerns can be raised. Once reported, Apple has a team dedicated to promptly investigating and addressing these issues. Additionally, Apple will not retaliate or tolerate retaliation against anyone for filing a complaint or participating in the investigation of a complaint. Anyone who is found to have violated this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Are there any policies in place? Apple has Harassment and Equal Employment Opportunity policies, as well as Anti-Harassment and Discrimination training for all employees.

What type of support does Apple offer new mothers and families?

Apple provides a competitive benefits program for employees, as well as supplemental programs employees may choose to participate in, depending on their situation. Depending on where you live, some of those benefits may include pregnancy-related medical expenses for birth of the child, parent leave, adoption assistance, and mother’s rooms on campus.

But do people actually take time off?

Yes, Apple provides annual leave, paid sick, paid family care, and new parent leave.* Employees are encouraged to take vacation to recharge and refresh and to care for their families.

*Apple benefits programs vary by country and are subject to eligibility requirements.

Where can someone learn more about life at Apple?

Watch this video!

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The Perks

Vision Insurance
Dental Insurance
Health Insurance
Employee Stock Programs
Retirement Plan
Paid Family Leave
Office Closed for Holidays
Corporate Discounts
Financial Coaching
Committed to Pay Equity
Educational Assistance
2+ Weeks of Vacation
Mother's Room
Apple benefits programs vary by country and are subject to eligibility requirements.

How To Get Hired Here

What qualities does Apple look for in a candidate? How can a candidate stand out?

There’s a place here for every kind of brilliant. We value passion, courage, and original thinking. For every team and every role.

How often does Apple hire new people?

Apple is constantly on the lookout for people who want to do their life’s best work. Are you one of them? View jobs here.

What are Apple's views on hiring women who are returning to the workforce after an extended break? What can they do to stand out in the application process? Returning to your career after extended time away?

Whether you took time off for your family, military service, education, health, or a personal passion project, we value your entire life experience. We believe you should be able to bring your whole self to work. After all, Apple’s culture depends on a wide range of talent and perspectives. It’s our diverse collective of thinkers and doers that makes innovation possible. That’s why we created the return-to-work program. It features full-time, paid 17-week “Returnships” that provide mentorship, professional development, networking opportunities, and employee benefits. Eligible applicants will have at least five years of relevant work experience and are currently on a career break of two or more years    

What areas at Apple are growing the fastest right now?

Apple jobs span a wide range of roles — designers, scientists, construction, manufacturing, retail, customer support, marketing, hardware and software engineers — and their ranks continue to grow at unprecedented rates. Apple tech support call centers serve our North American customers with 13,000 representatives across the United States.

What’s Apple's interview process like?

While there is no one set interview process, typically you can expect a phone interview or series of phone interviews. If those go well, then you may be invited to an on-site interview. Depending on the role, there may be some sort of interview assessment utilizing whiteboarding, creating presentations, case studies, or role-playing.

Does Apple offer relocation assistance for new employees?

Apple offers relocation assistance on most applicable roles.

Where does Apple recruit candidates?

There’s no one particular place we recruit. We find candidates everywhere. If your talent matches the skill set we are looking for, then we are looking for you.

What’s the best way for someone to prepare for an interview at Apple?

A great way to prepare for an interview at Apple is to spend time on our website. There’s a wealth of information about our culture, our company, and specific teams to help you find your ideal role at Apple.

Do you have an internship program? If so, do you regularly hire your interns?

At Apple, interns are an important part of the team. Whether you sign on for a summer internship or a co-op during the academic year, you can work on critical projects, in the United States and around the world. As part of the Apple community, you’ll get a unique perspective on our process and those who lead it.

What questions should candidates ask you in an interview?

Try to understand the specifics of the role and team you are interviewing with. Get a good feel for what makes someone successful and be interested in getting to know the Apple culture.

What’s one question a candidate should expect to get asked in one of Apple's interviews?

Why are you interested in this opportunity and why Apple?

What’s the interview dress code?

Interview attire at Apple is business casual.

Who should the candidate send a thank-you note to after an interview?

If you’d like to send a thank-you note, you can send it directly to your recruiter and ask that they share with the hiring manager.

What’s the typical length of Apple's hiring process?

Each interview is unique. At Apple, we have a very collaborative and cross-functional culture. It is important that candidates meet with the people they will be working with, both on the team and the teams they interact with. That varies across positions.

Should candidates apply to more than one position at Apple?

Candidates should visit the Apple Jobs Site frequently and apply to any jobs they are interested in.    

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