Find a New Job With This 10-Step Checklist

The Free 10-Step Checklist to Help You Find a New Job
Job hunting is hard, especially if you haven't done it in years. In fact, in most of us, it inspires an impending sense of dread and doom.
But, like most things in life, the hardest part is actually just getting started. Whether you're dreading revising your dated resume, unsure what to do with LinkedIn, or you just need to know that what you're doing is the right move, it's not easy. 
Putting the right keywords in your LinkedIn profile. Starting your resume bullet points with verbs. Using a professional voicemail. Obvious tips—but also inevitable you'll forget at least one.
That's why we asked Career Contessa Mentor and professional career coach, Alyson Garrido, to weigh in on what she recommends you do long before you sit down to write a cover letter. Our 10-step checklist will help you dust yourself off, shake things up, and just generally own the process. Use it to get all your essentials in order: 
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