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If you’ve spent much time working in digital marketing, chances are you’ve come across, and probably used, Leadpages. In technical terms, the company creates simple, beautiful software and web apps that allow businesses to grow large and devoted audiences. On a deeper level, though, Leadpages' success can be attributed to something less tangible: the company’s complete dedication to engagement. The software constantly evolves to engage potential customers through landing pages, websites, and social media. The goal is to make it easy for businesses everywhere to collect more leads and drive sales. Behind the scenes, engagement comes into play in every corner of the company as well. At the headquarters in Minneapolis, expect to find a team that works together—truly. “We are humble. We apologize when we make mistakes. We help each other to do our very best work,” says the startup. Leadpages is a tight-knit community that’s redefining marketing and, maybe more importantly, a company that doesn’t forget to celebrate human connection in a digital age.

The Basics

Company Type
Number of Employees
Minneapolis (HQ)

The People

Key People
Clay Collins, Co-Founder & CEO
Tracy Simmons, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
John Tedesco, Chief Operating Officer
Jason Heath, Chief Financial Officer
Coolest Job Title and What they Do
Campaign Strategy Director

Dreaming up ideas and crafting the perfect words to spread awareness of the Leadpages product family, continuing the exceptional growth that took us from zero to 46,000 customers.

Group Coaching Manager

Helping our wonderful customers achieve their wildest successes yet through education that's strategic, inspired, dynamic, and engaging.

Certification Program Director

Masterfully growing and perfecting our home-grown, built-from-scratch certification program that enables small armies of experts to work magic with the Leadpages product family.

People & Culture Director

There are HR Directors <yawn!> and then there's our People & Culture Director <yay!> who fosters our unique culture and fearlessly manages people-centered programs that allow our valued team members to focus on doing their very best work, make an impact while having fun, and grow their careers.

Women Employed

Women in Leadership

Women in Tech


The Departments

Customer Success
People & Culture

The Culture

Company Culture Hero
Describe the work culture at Leadpages.

It's not all about beer and ping-pong here (which we have!)—we’re a group of driven, yet humble, people that are dedicated to setting the pace for innovation in our space. We embrace challenges with grit and determination. We apologize when we make mistakes. We collaborate, without politics, to do our very best work. We treat each other with respect and kindness. We KNOW that it’s the awesome people that make us the company we are, which is why we’re obsessed with feedback and repeatedly ask the team what more we can do to ensure they'll want to work with us for years to come.

What type of employee development does Leadpages offer?

As a software company that markets heavily through education, we are kinda training nerds. We have monthly trainings on topics like "Delivering Difficult News." We treat Diversity & Inclusion as a leadership development opportunity and have quarterly trainings or events. The entrepreneurial nature of our business creates space for our people to attend relevant national conferences to hone their crafts. And our early-stage trajectory has meant that many folks have grown in their careers as we have grown.

Does Leadpages have programs for team bonding? How close IS the team? Are there team lunches? Happy hours? Holiday parties?

If you HATE cat/dog memes, stop reading now. Really. We're not for you. Slack (our Instant Messaging tool) runs rampant with GIFs, Dad jokes, pun-offs, invitations to parties, offers for free stuff, and you-name-it topics that infuse our geeky interests into our every day. Every Friday at 4:00 brings pizza-o-plenty, beverages, and a shared Spotify playlist. At one of our holiday parties, we did a talent show featuring a modern rendering of an Elvis classic, a reading from a team member's newly-published book, and a saxophone/ukulele duet. So, you know, we're not your average Corporate Boring, Inc. 

Why do women love working at Leadpages?

Leadpages is led by a strong cofounder, Ms. Tracy Simmons, who is an inspirational mentor and advocate of people. Our other cofounder, Clay Collins, is an unapologetic feminist who leverages his privilege to raise awareness on justice issues. At Leadpages, we dedicate our time and resources to sponsoring and hosting several women in tech organization events. And our policies are women-friendly (work from home, paid parental leave, etc.).

What are a few words you'd use to describe Leadpages' culture?

Warm, quirky, and driven.

What's the best part about working for Leadpages?

It's a tie between autonomy and being able to make a real, visible impact.

What's one thing about Leadpages' culture/perks that would surprise most people?

As part of our commitment to provide delightful experiences for our employees, we gave away an international trip (twice, actually...one last year and again this year) to different team members who had never been abroad.

What sort of room is there for growth?

There is literally no department with a completed org chart (i.e., Team Leads, a Manager, a Director, a VP, and a C-Suite), leaving a plethora of pockets for the growth of exceptional, hard-working people.

What are the hours like?

Most people average anywhere from 40-45 hours/week. Some people want to work more, and we support that. But we also know when to be a friend and say, "Take tomorrow off!"

But do people actually take time off?

The People & Culture department goes out of its way to coach and mentor our managers to Take. Care. Of. Their. Team. Managers are asked probing and thoughtful questions which often include a matter of time away from Leadpages. We get that the best performing teams are those with fully-charged batteries and we go the distance to encourage people to take breaks.

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The Perks

Fully Stocked Kitchen
Game Room
Mother's Room
Meditation Room
Flexible Schedule
Health + Wellness
Corporate Memberships
Unlimited Vacation
Company Events
Transportation Reimbursement
Health Insurance
Paid Family Leave
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Closed for Holidays

How To Get Hired Here

What qualities does Leadpages look for in a candidate? How can a candidate standout?

Leadpages values diverse backgrounds and experiences. We’re looking for self-starting individuals that do not settle for mediocrity. If you take pride in your ability to think big (like 10X thinking), you’re committed to velocity and the speed of value delivery, and you collaborate with a kind, humble heart—we’d love to hear from you!

How often does Leadpages hire new people?

Leadpages has been steadily hiring for the last 3 years without signs of stopping.

How often do you promote from within?

Last year, we promoted about 28% of our team.

What areas of Leadpages are growing the fastest right now?

Customer Success and Engineering.

What’s the interview process like?

Our selection process is fairly extensive and includes both technical and soft-skill interviews. Depending on the role, there may be a sample project (which we pay for). And we wrap up with an interview geared towards our values (for ex. "Results Over Politics").

Do you offer relocation assistance for new employees?


Where does Leadpages recruit candidates?

Career Fairs
College Campuses

Does Leadpages ever create positions based on a candidate submission? e.g. Can a candidate apply to work for Leadpages even if a position isn't open?

During our early stages, grabbing coffee to explore a potential fit wasn't uncommon. Since becoming more well-known in the market, two things have happened: the demand for informational interviews has increased and currently open positions urgently need to be filled, leaving little-to-no time for unstructured submissions. That said, if there's an unambiguous match between a candidate's industry experience, career path, and what we're doing at Leadpages (for ex. the candidate has successfully led a venture-backed email marketing product launch), dropping us a quick note can't hurt.

What's the hardest quality for you to find in an ideal candidate?

When people think of startups, they tend to think of the perks, the excitement of creating industry-leading things, and the chance to make a real impact. But few think of the break-neck velocity changes. Finding people who are truly flexible and can seamlessly adapt to constant change is quite the challenge. A candidate who can demonstrate through storytelling that they have thrived in such an environment is rare and highly sought.

What’s the best way for someone to prepare for an interview at Leadpages?

Reading up on Leadpages before an interview is critical. We have legions of content available online, from blog posts to social media to videos. Consuming and reflecting on the content will help prepare candidates speak intelligently about what we're doing and how their history and skill set sing in harmony with the position.

Does Leadpages have an internship program? If so, do you regularly hire interns?

We started an internship program two years ago, and it's already grown! We plan to further develop the program in the coming months.

What questions should candidates ask in an interview?

The very best question to ask us is one that gets at the root of what success in the role looks like either in its entirety or after a set time period such as 90-days.

What’s the interview dress code?

As casual as you dare!

Who should the candidate send a thank-you note to after an interview?

Their Talent Advocate (called Recruiter in other organizations).

What’s the typical length of Leadpages' hiring process?

4 weeks.

Should candidates apply to more than one position at Leadpages?

We encourage candidates to apply for as many positions for which they are a fit. Here's why: hiring managers are directly viewing incoming resumes and may miss the opportunity to recommend a candidate to a different hiring manager if there's not a match with the applied-for role.

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