The 3 Steps "It Girls" Use to Build an Epic Personal Brand

How to Create a Personal Pitch in 3 Steps
by Michela Aramini
December 27, 2016
A powerful personal brand is clear and compelling.
Whether you want to land your dream job or launch your dream business, you need to know and own your “it” (your unique intrinsic value) to stand out from the competition and truly shine. This is the purpose of your personal brand.

Your personal brand clearly and compellingly communicates your "it" and consistently connects you to like-minded women (and men) both offline and online. A powerful personal brand gives you the confidence and conviction you need to own your "it," thereby becoming the "it girl" you were born to be and styling a personal and professional life you love from the inside out.

As a personal brand consultant and "it girl" mentor, I help women professionals and entrepreneurs create personal brands that empower them to become true influencers and make a significant impact in the world doing what they love.

Here are three simple steps to create your personal brand and elevator pitch today:


If you have no idea what your "it" is, start by creating three lists: one for your passions, one for your purpose, and one for your prowess.

Your passions are the things you love in life, your purpose is how you love to help others and make a difference in the world, and your prowess is what you are naturally skilled at or educated in.

Once you have your lists, it’s time to play alchemist. Creatively combine your passions, purpose, and prowess to clarify your "it." Come up with a few different combinations and figure out which one fits you best.

For example, when creating The Lovely It Girl, I took my passion for women entrepreneurship, my purpose, which was to redefine how women take charge of their lives and work (their "it"!), and my branding prowess. I created this title: Personal Brand Consultant and It Girl Mentor.


Once you have defined your "it," it’s time to clarify what I call your "clique"—those who you want to provide your value to and interact with. Your clique is just as important to your personal brand as you are. Without a loyal community of personal brand cheerleaders, your message won’t be heard.

Instead of just branding myself as a generic personal brand consultant, I chose to provide my value to women professionals and entrepreneurs. I then went a step further and got super clear on exactly who I wanted my personal brand to attract: modern-day women who want it all, do it all, and have it all, all on their own terms.

Defining my clique has helped me tailor my personal brand messaging and content to connect with my target audience both online and offline.

Who do you want to provide your value to? Hint: you will naturally attract people who relate to you—to your story, your style, and your values.


Once you are clear on your "it" and on your clique, it’s time to connect the dots. Cultivate your personal brand by creating and curating captivating content that connects with your clique and positions you as an influencer. You want your clique to turn to you for insight and inspiration.

Discover your most organic content platform and own it. If you’re a strong writer, start a blog. If you’re camera-shy, podcasts could be your perfect platform—it's all tailored to you and your personal pitch.

In addition to creating your own content, social media is another great tool you can leverage to elevate your personal brand online. While you should have a presence on all social media platforms, figure out what your most organic social media platform is and own it. For example, Twitter is the perfect platform for "it girls" who want to position themselves as leaders or experts, while Instagram is ideal for "it girls" in the fashion, design, art and culinary worlds, which are more visual.

Whatever venue you choose, create content that is valuable, shareable, and unique to your brand. Always ask yourself how you are infusing your personal brand into the content you create and providing unique value to your clique.

What's your clique? How do you connect? Let us know in the comments!