Perfect Job? Keep Searching

Even If You Have the Perfect Job, You Should Keep Searching
by Sofia Dimick
November 25, 2016
You’ve found it, the perfect job—you’ve spent hours reworking your cover letter, refining your resume, and imagining just how great your life would be if you got this position. 
You’re so convinced of its perfection that you stop applying to other jobs. Instead, you resign yourself to anxiously clicking refresh on your email and answering your phone every time it rings with an unprecedented exuberance— hoping that perfect job’s recruiter will be on the other end.

This exact scenario marked my start into the job hunt journey. I found a job on my university’s job search site with an entry-level opening. It sounded glamorous, exciting, and fast-paced. It was the first time I had read a job description and felt excited about it.

So I spent three days crafting what I believed to be the perfect cover letter/resume combo and sent it off to perfect job. I was so determined that this was the perfect job for me that I stopped looking for any others. Once I actually heard back from perfect job and found I made it to their first-round interview, I realized fixating on one job and not even considering any others wasn’t the best choice. Here’s why you should always keep your options open—even when it’s just one option that excites you.  

You may never even hear back from the perfect job

This is the sad truth. The job market is so competitive these days and a lot of entry-level programs can receive hundreds, if not thousands, of applications depending on the industry. Obsessing over the perfect job instead of searching just halts your career in its tracks for, potentially, no reason. 

How much do you really know about the perfect job?

Once I actually got into the interview and started asking more questions about the role, I realized that my perfect job wasn’t quite so perfect. In fact, it wasn’t at all what I was looking for. Sure, the company culture sounded amazing and the recruiter was helpful, informative, and very nice, but I realized the actual position was way more corporate than I was expecting.

You’ll miss deadlines for other great openings, before even knowing they existed

The saying “never assume anything” definitely applies here. Toward the end of my two weeks of waiting to hear back from the perfect job, I finally decided to check out some of my go-to career listing websites and I quickly found perfect job number two. Unfortunately, I found the advertisement for it 10 minutes before the application closed. I ended up submitting my generic resume and cover letter because I didn’t have the time to personalize it—and ultimately didn’t even get an interview.

A note to liberal arts majors: there’s probably a million different types of jobs you never even imagined you might qualify for or could be interested in. Keep exploring—you never know what you might find!

Don’t restrict yourself to jobs within just one industry, and make sure to explore new roles that you’ve never considered before. Yes, there is a limit to this, but I promise there’s so much more out there than you might imagine! A willingness to learn can prepare you for a number of jobs in different industries—regardless of what your formal background might be.

A Little Extra Help

Finding a few career listing websites that are a right for you will keep your options open and exciting. Here are some career listing websites that I love:
Have you ever had a "dream job" that didn't turn out to be so dreamy? Tell us about it in the comments!