The Smartest Lifestyle Blogs To Read Secretly at Work

The Career-Boosting Blogs You Can Read Secretly at Work
by Abby Roskind
Photos Joe Kathrina | December 14, 2015
Lifestyle blogs and sites are definitely having more than just a moment. In fact, they're a way of life for young, trendy people that want to enjoy all the latest happenings in their city. 
I can relate because I am one of them, as are you most likely. In the book Modern Romance, Aziz Ansari claims the best and worst part of living in the twenty-first century is the immense variety of options people have in their everyday lives. On the whole though, our unprecedented wealth of choices (in almost everything we do) are making the world a more interesting and empowering place to live. There’s so much to learn out there, why not at least educate ourselves on the possibilities?

Try one of these websites to find articles that will educate, inspire, and resonate:
These sister sites showcase diverse craftsmanship in both the home improvement and culinary realms, making them a constant source of inspiration. Our favorite feature? Apartment Therapy’s “House Tours.” These stories feature homes from around the world, which are selected for their unique or fresh take on design. The Kitchn offers delicious and practical recipes that even novices, like myself, can master. Plus they have an awesome social media presence (their Instagram is art), and they keep up the Apartment Therapy theme by posting lots of great advice about kitchen design.

Start here: Apartment Therapy's "Jaclyn's Cozy Kitschy Silver Lake Home"
It’s difficult to stay updated on the latest music given the internet is a constant stream of production. Sifting through Soundcloud can be fun, but it’s often time-consuming. Naturally, certain music blogs have done some of the heavy lifting for us. Hype Machine is a great source, particularly if you use the app. It gives you a scrolling list of what’s currently popular, as well as a a “blog directory” which suggests sites for further discovery. XLR8R is another good one because they’re very active on Soundcloud, and they cover music and pop culture news.

Start here: Ones to Watch 2015
I love finding a website or blog run by an individual who you really vibe with, and could see as an influencer in your daily life and aesthetic. Sophia Chang is just that—for me and thousands of other people. She’s an illustrator and designer by profession, and a badass by personality. Her online presence is cool and meticulously curated, not to mention her #bun or #nobun calling card has become a prolific personal brand. The content of her website focuses on the many projects she’s involved in, and tells a story about all the cool things you can accomplish when you set your goals high.

Start here: UO Without Walls Interview with Sophia Chang


KCRW is an institution not only in LA but worldwide. Their focus is on cultural exploration and informed public affairs, and because they are Southern California’s flagship NPR affiliate, they cover stories that explore everything from local minutiae to big picture news. In particular, their To The Point Blog with Warren Olney and Good Food Blog with Evan Kleinman are great because they take a deeper look into some more niche topics.

Start here: The Abortion Wars, Clinic by Clinic
That Food Cray!!! is “a global gastronomic, travel, and lifestyle online media platform” that was started by Hong Kong-­based Nicole Fung and Eugene Kan to share what to eat and where to stay. I’m a little wary of giving food blogs too much sway (have you seen South Park’s “You’re Not Yelping” episode?), but I think they have a time and place. That Food Cray!!! posts beautiful pictures to their site and Instagram. Meanwhile, blogs like We8That, The Infatuation, or Hypebeast Eats can help point you in the right direction by narrowing your field of vision.

Start here: That Food Cray!! "Hong Kong City Guide", Infatuation's "Friday Five"


Not exactly a traditional approach, but their free online radio and podcasts are a sort of oral blog. Monocle is an awesome publication that’s producing some of the most interdisciplinary journalism in existence right now. It never ceases to amaze me how they seamlessly blend so many topics into one magazine, or in this case, one radio show. A few of my favorites include the weekly shows, Culture with Rob Bound—reviews of art, film, books, and media—and The Urbanist—a guide to improve city living whether it be through technology, new infrastructure, or apartment renovation. There is a radio show or podcast for everyone here.

Start here: Interview Series 2015/16 Part 01
I love finding a website or blog run by an individual who you really vibe with and could see as an influencer in your daily life and aesthetic.
There are very few things that go better together in this world than books and coffee shops. Eat This Poem, “a literary food blog,” is all about comfort at its finest. The blog asks local residents, or “tour guides,” to curate the best bookstores, reading nooks, and restaurants from around their cities. They even get as granular as what chair to sit in. Niche blogs are fun because you can get the low­down on exactly what interests you. Other equally notable mentions are: 12hrs, Melting Butter, TravelTeq, Trendland.

Start here: Eat This Poem's "How to Work Your Lunch Break Like Frank O'Hara," Trendland's "Instagram Edit of the Week"


While not exactly a blog per se, powered by its community of readers, Medium has garnered a sizable following. You can tailor the stories you see based on your interests, and receive a personalized email with curated articles. If you’ve ever had ideas or opinions you’ve wanted out there, but aren’t keen on starting your own blog, then this is the place for you. It’s an easy site to navigate and even easier to customize your posts as you see fit. Add your own graphics and format to your heart’s desire, and voila—you have something that looks like a professional story online. But the best part is the community of readers and writers you join.

Start here: Stop Saying Technology is Causing Social Isolation

What are blogs/sites that keep you informed? Please comment below.